6 Months Pregnant with 3.0

I knew this past month would fly.  I've been back at work now for about three weeks and as quickly as summer whizzed by, being back at school makes the days go even faster (if that's possible).  Which means, the 13(ish) weeks remaining are going to pass before I know it!  We are well on our way to being ready for that third kid - we got both a minivan and a new kitchen table that accommodates more than four people during this past month!  Major checks off of our to-do list. ;)  The nursery hasn't been touched since my last pregnancy post; I'm patiently (or impatiently) waiting on the hubby to paint the walls.  And then we can work on the most fun part - the little details!

I am definitely feeling pregnant these days.  It's amazing the difference just one month can make.  The Braxton Hicks contractions are no joke and it's getting more and more difficult to do everyday tasks such as pick up things off the floor, shave my legs, etc.  I've had slight bouts with acid reflex (or throat burn as I always call it), but only very minor cases and probably nothing like what's to come, I'm sure.  I have started using my cocoa butter stretch mark cream, though not religiously like I did with the other two.  Apparently, I just don't care as much in my older age...

Nonetheless, I'm feeling pretty good considering I'm nearing the end of my second trimester with two kids at home.


How Far Along: 6 months (26 weeks and 6 days)

Size of Baby: Between a head of lettuce and a yellow(?) turnip

Gender: Baby BOY #3!

Weight Gain: To be honest, I have not weighed myself in recent weeks.  Going back to school has been enough of a depressant...I really don't need to know that I've gained 30 pounds! ;)

Food Cravings: Nothing specific

Food Aversions: No aversions either

Movement: Again, it's amazing the difference a month can make.  I feel him moving around all. the. time.  The movements can also be seen/felt from the outside, but of course, whenever I ask the boys if they want to feel, Baby doesn't cooperate.  

Sleep: Still sleeping well, all things considered!

Clothing: Now that I'm back at work, I'm wearing about 100% maternity clothing.  Luckily, I have quite a few comfy maternity dresses and trying them on pre-end of summer was like getting a whole new wardrobe!  I also attempted the maternity side of Stitch Fix and had great luck!  I would love to do a monthly fix between now and November, but that just doesn't seem reasonable given it's my last pregnancy.

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: The leg cramps have gotten better, but the Braxton Hicks are pretty intense.  Not painful by any means, but frequent for sure!  Slight acid reflux.  Baby kicks to the bladder quite regularly, as well.

What I Miss: I do miss being able to get up and down quickly and easily.  I miss being able to partake in adult beverages when socializing with neighbors.  BUT I'm also trying to appreciate and enjoy this final pregnancy.

Best Moment: Hmmm...I guess just feeling the baby on the regular and knowing he's good to go in there!

Looking Forward To: All things fall--and that means baby's arrival!!!!  And maternity leave, of course!  It was weird coming back to school and knowing I'd be taking off a significant portion of the year!  Meeting with HR later today to work out all of the details...although I'm a little nervous to learn how much money I'll be losing. :(

Time for the baby bump photos from this past month!


  1. You are so adorable!! I remember feeling frustrated not being able to get up and down off the floor or just sit with Cam easily. Fall is going to be so exciting at your house with that sweet boy making his appearance. :)

  2. You are the cutest! I can't believe how close you are to meeting your newest little guy! And you've been back at school for 3 weeks already?! That's crazy!

  3. Ugh acid reflex is no fun at all! I had it so bad with #3 that I had to sleep sitting up in a chair for the last month because I would wake up choking (there's some fancy name for it that I already forgot) I think that reason alone is why I won't get pregnant again!

    Missing out on adult beverages was always the only thing that bothered me, ha ha. But you're payoff is going to be great so it's worth it I guess :)

  4. You're just a stunning pregnant lady :) and yeah for minivan AND new kitchen table! I love that you call it throat burn- ha! I had no idea what heartburn was until I got pregnant the first time- it sucks! I'm so glad I only have it when pregnant. Getting closer to family of five! Yeah!

  5. You look adorable! Hope you continue to feel good as time passes.

  6. You look fantastic! I never felt one single Braxton Hicks contraction with Mila. I am feeling them constantly this time around. It's crazy! It's actually freaking me out a little!

  7. The weeks and months are just flying by! In a way, I feel like this baby's arrival is perfect timing so you get to start the school year off with your kids, then you get a good amount of time off during the holidays, and then you get to go back to finish off the year and then you get summer! And just like that, I already have you looking forward to next summer lol.

  8. I can't believe you are over halfway there! I feel like you just shared the exciting news that you are pregnant.

  9. I miss when my 'symptom' update was ... I don't feel pregnant yay! Now I'm like I'm winded bending down to give my kid a kiss, and if I sit anywhere but the couch to read her books my back hates me the rest of the day, and reflux every night, and etc etc etc. And I hate shaving. I'm not even sure what BH feel like. I vaguely recall something like tight but not painful. I don't seem to get that. Shrug. It'll be Nov before we know it though =)

  10. Darling!! You are such a gorgeous pregnant lady. How much time are you taking off for maternity leave? Get as much as you can, you deserve it! :)

  11. Looking adorable!!!
    Tell Craig to get on it and PAINT THOSE WALLS!!!
    Also. Don't spill the beans if you have... But, has a name been picked? I'm always so curious if others have it easy and can agree on a name right away, or can't decide for ages (like Scott and me).

  12. You look fabulous! And I know you said the leg cramps are better, but if they come back starting taking vitamin D! It really helps!

  13. Seems like this pregnancy is going by pretty fast (easy for me to say, I am sure! Ha). I love all of the bump photos. You are so adorable and pregnancy looks so good on you!

  14. You do have the cutest lil dresses. You're lookin' good & no food aversions is a win! :)

  15. You look so great! I'm having a hard enough time transitioning back to school without being pregnant! I can imagine you're tired!