Baby Gifts on Amazon

About a month ago, I was in need of a baby gift for a friend.  I usually head to Old Navy, Target, or Buy Buy Baby to pick up said gifts, but for some reason, I decided to look on Amazon.  (Free 2-day shipping, that's why.)  I was surprised at the number of boutique-type gifts I found!  So if you're in need of a baby gift, save yourself a trip to the store and head on over to!  Especially if you have Amazon Prime!

Fox and Finn Silicone Teething Necklace - I remember seeing teething necklaces during my pregnancy with Brantley, but they were all so bulky and ugly.  Apparently, they have come a long way since then!  I love this necklace.  Stylish, trendy, and functional!

Burt's Bees Baby Bee Gift Set - Sure, you could likely find the same thing at Target, but two words: Amazon Prime.

Muslin Swaddle Blankets - These blankets have a 5-star rating from over 250 reviews.  And the designs are on point with today's trends!

Backseat Car Organizer - We do not have one of these, but seriously, how amazing?!  Likely something a new mom wouldn't even consider, so this could make for the perfect gift!

Toddler Bow Headbands - I am completely and totally okay being a boy mom for life...until I see something like this!!  These are the cutest headbands.  And $12 for a pack of 6?!  Sign me up!  (Or wait, I have all boys...)

Milestone Cards Gift Set - This would be such a unique gift for a new mama!  These milestone cards come in a keepsake box and double as photo props!

Hello World Onesie + Tutu - All the heart eye emojis for this adorable girlie-girl outfit!

Mama's Boy Pants Outfit - If ever there was a boy version of the girlie-girl gold tutu, this is it!  I want this for Baby Sides 3.0! 

Bandana Bibs - Every baby born in 2016 needs a pack of these!  Bonus: there are plenty of girl colors, as well!

Amber Teething Necklace - Amber teething necklaces have been gaining popularity over the past few years, as they are meant to be a more natural option for a teething baby.  There are plenty more benefits to amber--plus the adorableness of a baby with a necklace is hard to beat!

Wooden Teething Ring with Fabric Bunny Ears - So much cuter than some of the big brand plastic teething rings you can buy!

Baby Beads Wood Rattle - Again, I would prefer this wooden rattle toy over a plastic rattle any day!  And it's way cuter.

Baby's First Book of Prayers - This is the cutest little book of prayers!  Also, it's only $6!!!

Letters to Baby - Another really unique gift idea, this book of 12 letters encourages mothers to journal their baby's first year of life.  The letters can be saved and given to the child when he or she grows older.

Arrow Onesie - Perfect for a baby girl or boy or perhaps the mom who is going to be surprised!


  1. Wow! I can't believe you found those all on Amazon. I need to remember that. Great gift ideas.

  2. Amazon is always my go to! I love that arrow onesie!

  3. What great ideas, especially for people who live a distance from you, you can just mail straight from Amazon!

  4. You found awesome stuff!!! I am SO excited to use that necklace and adorable bandanas for Mikey! Also we have the same taste because I bought those swaddles and I love them!!! Thanks for the baby gifts and food- I just got Mikey's birth announcements yesterday so hopefully I will get those and a thank you note out eventually :)

  5. These are adorable finds! I freaking love Amazon!

  6. Yes!! I found so many cute things when I was ordering those bibs for you. It surprised me. So many cute things. This is a great round-up!! For the love of Amazon! What did we do before it? And Prime? I love having something on my doorstep in 2 days.

  7. We JUST got a backseat car organizer - I don't know why we waited so long!

  8. I love the Letters to Baby! I got a similar version for my friend when she became a grandmother!

  9. Whatever you do... GET THE TEETHING NECKLACE. Ours saved my sanity. During that time period, I swear I would have sold my baby on the black market. He once got 4 teeth in within 8 days. Total chaos. We got the necklace and I no longer wanted to sale him.

  10. I never tend to look for the unique stuff on Amazon. But prime is the best ever! So many fun things!

  11. I would have never thought to go to Amazon for boutique style baby gifts! Thanks for sharing! I'm sure I'm going to be needing some gifts soon and Amazon 2 day shipping always saves the day!

  12. Oh how i love Amazon. I buy EVERYTHING on there and I was so excited to find so many great baby items on there when I was pregnant with Grayson. I have Amazon Prime so getting my baby items in 1-2 days is the best! I can't tell you how often I order from there.....a few times a week for sure!