A Royal Night

The day is here.  Game 7 of the World Series.  The first World Series that the Royals have played in in 29 years!!  Heck, the first time they've been in the playoffs in 29 years...the first time they played postseason baseball in 29 years!  It's kind of a big deal.  And perhaps the wildest and craziest roller coaster ride that brought them to where are are now...

Let's recap:

A Wild Card win on September 30 versus the Oakland A's after overcoming a 4-run deficit. In extra innings...12 to be exact.  Did I mention they were down four runs in the 8th inning?  Oh, did I also mention I missed it because I had accepted the fact that they were going to lose and I went to bed in the 8th.  (Note: I didn't give up on them, I just accepted they weren't going to win and since sleep is high on my priority list, I went to bed.  Biggest.mistake.ever.)

Swept the LA Angels in three games (best of five) of the ALDS, the first two of which were played in Anaheim. The first two of which also went into extra innings.  And because they were playing in the Pacific time zone, it meant extra late nights again.  You better believe I stayed up this time (or attempted to anyway...my eyelids may have closed once or twice).

Swept the Baltimore Orioles in four games (best of seven) in the ALCS, the first two of which were played in Baltimore.  And one of which went into extra innings...again.  We were in Vegas for the first two games of the ALCS, which made it even more exciting!

Then, the World Series...what a series it's been!  Game one was a landslide and went to the Giants, game two also a landslide, but this time the Royals were the big winners, game three in San Fran - Royals, games four and five - Giants, which meant the Royals needed to win game six to continue playing. And that they did - ten, zip!

Which brings us to tonight.  Game 7.  Winner takes all.  The great thing about baseball is that it's not about just one game...until it is.  Like tonight.

Win or lose, it's been an amazing season.  The Royals still competed in the World Series...something not a lot of people would have ever predicted.  Like ever.  And not only that, but they made it to game seven. They've shown the nation that they deserve to be where they are now.  They want to be here and it's obvious while watching them play.  These players have played their little hearts in what's been known as Blue October 2014.

To say it's been a fun time to live in Kansas City is a huge understatement.  The fountains are blue, the lights are blue, and there are tents set up at every other corner with shirts that read "Sh*t Just Got Royal." The atmosphere, the spirit, the excitement, the energy - it's all been so amazing and I'm not sure I've been a prouder Kansas Citian since moving here seven years ago!

Two weekends ago, we headed to the plaza to check out the blue fountain.  Craig wasn't initially thrilled about the idea ("It's just a fountain."), but I insisted.  I wanted Brantley and Holden to look back years from now and have some pictures to "remember" the year the Royals played in (won?) the World Series.  And boy, am I glad I did!  I love them, Craig loves them, and I hope the boys love them 29 years from now!


Let's do this, Royals.  Take the crown!


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