Holden Beckett: 10 Months Old!

A few days late this month but with all that we have going on here, I think I get a free pass this month! :)  Since your last monthly update, Mr. Holden, we have listed our house, sold our house, packed {some of} our house, and we are prepping to move in just one short week!  Never did I think we'd be celebrating your first birthday in a new place...a brand new place, at that...but it's official, which means this was your tenth--and final--monthly photo shoot in this house where we brought you home.  You will never remember this place, but I can tell you it's where you learned to roll over and smile and crawl and eat solids and stand and walk around things and laugh at your brother.  It's where you climbed stairs for the first time, and also fell down them, and spent lots of time in your doorway jumper.  It's where you've morphed from a newborn to an infant to an *almost* one-year old!  I'm pretty sure you've enjoyed your first ten months here; yet, I'm sure you will enjoy our new place even more!!  So here's to all the future memories we will create in the months and years to come!

10-Month Update:

Size | No idea.

Words | Mama, Dada (still not in reference to anyone), and lots of other babbles

Activity | Speed crawling on your knees, standing with support, and climbing on everything

Food | 4 bottles per day - 6 to 7 ounces each time.  Solids three times per day - a good mix of rice, oatmeal, fruits, veggies, and meats.  Pureed meat (gag!) is still a fave.

Sleep | Nights are no different.  You are still a fabulous nighttime sleeper, about 10 solid hours + another hour or two after an early-morning bottle.  Naps may be improving ever-so-slightly!  They are getting more consistent (twice-per-day) and they are getting longer!  However, 30-minute naps are still very normal around here.

Bedtime/Waketime | Bedtime around 7pm.  Wake time is as early as 5am, but we give you a bottle and you usually fall back asleep until 6 or 6:30.

Hair | Light brown.

Eyes | Bright blue

Teeth | I noticed your fourth (top left) coming through just today!  Your bottom two front teeth and other top front tooth have been through for awhile now.

Wardrobe | 6-12 months

Diapers | Finally made the full switch to 3s, thank goodness!  You were blowing out of the 2s too often than we liked!

Likes | You are such a Mama's boy and I love it!!  You also love your brother Brantley, Miss Stephanie, splashing at bathtime, Kinnick, snacks, your doorway bouncer, toys (mainly whatever Brantley is playing with), playing peek-a-boo (you will pull a blanket over your face and play on your own these days), climbing on anything and everything, blowing bubbles and spitting, especially while eating, which tends to make a major mess.  And then Brantley laughs at you and you feed on the attention and it's a never-ending circle.

Dislikes | Being tired, being hungry, having your face touched, having your hair washed, showers with Daddy.

Mommy's Fave | I know I mentioned this above, but I love having a Mama's Boy!  I definitely did not have that in Brantley and though I know he loves me, it's fun being someone's favorite. :)

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