Sesame Street Live

Last Friday, I took the day off of work to go on my first field trip with the boys!  Sure, planning for a sub sucks, as does getting caught up after the fact, and I only had eight sick days remaining for the year (thanks to maternity leave last spring); yet, it only took me about a half-second to agree to go along!  After all, I don't get these days back with my kiddos and my job is just that - a job.  So sub plans I wrote, catching up I did, and away I went to enjoy the day few extra hours with my kiddos.

The "field trip" was to the Sprint Center for a performance of Sesame Street Live.  So yeah, maybe not your typical field trip, but that's what daycare called it, so I went with it!  If you recall, we went last year as a family, and though I know Craig would go again out of the tremendous love he has for his sons, I don't think he was at all heartbroken to miss out this year. :)

Along for the show were six kids, four moms, and Ms. Stephanie.  As always, I questioned how in the world Ms. Stephanie has the energy to take that wild bunch out in public almost every day of the week?!  Not that they are bad by any means (they are actually very well-behaved children), but holy moly - 6 kids ages five and under?!  Whew! 

About 15 minutes before showtime, Grover came over the intercom to make an announcement.  Poor Brantley was confused and startled.  He told me "That guy scare me."  Likewise, when the show started and the characters came on stage.  He wasn't sure what to think.  He wanted to like it, but acted way more timid than I've ever seen him act!  But low and behold, once he figured things out, he was fine and dandy and seemed to enjoy the show.  Holden was indifferent.  He watched off and on, but was more interested in whoever was holding him.

After the show was over, we shipped our kids back to daycare and the moms stayed downtown for lunch and a couple of hours of socializing.  It's taken me over two years to realize that just because I have a day off doesn't mean I have to spend every waking minute with my kids.  (And thankfully, it's Ms. Stephanie who helped me realize this.)  All in all, it was a great day - extra time with kiddos, a fun outing in KC, and some adult-only mom time!

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  1. This looks and sounds like such a fun time! We are just getting into Sesame Street and have considered bringing the little man to a show.
    Even better that the moms were able to enjoy a lunch date!!