Holden Beckett: 11 Months Old!

I know I say this every month, but I can barely fathom that my second child is 11 months old already!!  I'm not sure where the last five months have gone, but I feel like you should only be about six months old at this point!  However, you hit the 11-month mark a few days ago and now you're only four short weeks from your big first birthday! 

As each day passes, you are acting more like a toddler and less like the baby that I think you are.  You are very observant and understand more of what we say than we give you credit for.  You absolutely adore your brother and it's not uncommon to hear little giggles coming from your mouth over something Brantley does.  Likewise, Brantley loves you and he loves to entertain you just as much!  You are finally to an age where the two of you can play together and it's just the sweetest thing ever.  You are also great at entertaining yourself.  One of your current favorite things to do is throw something down {on our hardwood floors} to hear the noise it makes.  You repeat this over and over again!  You also love playing "catch" - you will throw the ball to Mommy and I roll it back to you.  This can go on for some time!  

This past month was a pretty significant one!  We moved out of your first home and into a new one.  I'm not sure you were even phased by the whole thing, but you seem to be loving the extra space to crawl and play.  I look forward to making all kinds of special memories in this new house, including your first birthday party!  Speaking of, I finally sat down and made some decisions about your party.  There will be no theme and we are keeping it very simple this time.  Part of it may be the second-child thing, but I also don't know that I have the energy to plan a full-out, themed party in the midst of an already-exhausting school year.  But I promise to still make your birthday special.  After all, you only turn one once and despite having been through this already, it's still a pretty big deal to me!

11-Month Update:

Size | No idea.

Words | Lots of Da-das and Ga-gas.  Despite saying Mama in the past, you refuse to say it these days {seemingly on purpose, even!}.

Activity | Speed crawling on your knees, standing with support, climbing on everything, throwing things.

Food | 4 bottles per day - 7 ounces each time.  You are also over the idea of baby food and want/love real people food!  Therefore, you eat three meals per day with the rest of us.  There isn't much you don't like - you've eaten everything from hamburgers to Mexican food.  You are a much better (less picky) eater than Brantley ever was!!

Sleep | About 10 to 12 hours each night and two, more consistent naps each day.

Bedtime/Waketime | Bedtime around 7pm.  You typically awake around 5am, but you will drink a bottle and fall back to sleep until around 7am.

Hair | Light brown.

Eyes | Bright blue

Teeth | Five teeth so far (2 on bottom, 3 on top), but you can see lots more through your gums.

Wardrobe | 6-12 months

Diapers | Size 3

Likes | Still a major Mama's boy!  However, I think you like Ms. Stephanie even more!  You also love eating, balls, throwing things, Kinnick, and Brantley.

Dislikes | Being tired, being hungry, having your face touched, having your hair washed, showers with Daddy.

Mommy's Fave | Two this month.  1) Just seeing your face light up when you see me.  And 2) Giggles towards your brother.

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