The New House!

And now we're down to three weeks until we move.  THREE!!!   Ahhhhh I can't even believe it!  We have yet to begin packing, although we are a little hesitant to begin until we officially hear back on our current home's inspection and appraisal.  And besides, I feel there is so much we can't pack until the day gets closer. In the meantime, we keep dreaming about our new home and all of it's amazing features!  Unfortunately, the house was removed from MLS a week ago, which means we can no longer scroll through the photos and oogle over our favorite parts.  (How dare they remove it, right??)  But fortunately, the office gave us the code for the key box, so we stopped by last Saturday for a couple of hours and snapped our own photos!  Here they are, plus my very favorite things about our future house (in no particular order)!

1. The Front Porch
I've always wanted a house with a front porch large enough for some outdoor furniture.  The porch on this house has room for that, and then some!  I foresee lots of lazy summer evenings sitting here while the kids play in the front yard!

2. The Kitchen Island
More room to eat, more room for food prep, more room for storage, and more room for random crap that ends up on the kitchen counters?

3. The Mud "Room"
It's not exactly a "room", but I love that there's a designated space to throw coats and shoes without having to "put them away" each time we arrive home.  Look, Craig is already a pro at hanging his coat! :)

4. The Laundry Room
It's upstairs, it's spacious, and it's attached to our master bath.

5. The Master Closet
We have a pretty sweet closet in our current house, considering it was built in 1989.  But it's definitely not this.  Another perk: it's attached to the master bath and it includes a mirror, which means I will finally be able to get dressed with lights on while the hubs is still sleeping in the darkness of our bedroom!

6. The Master Bath
Hello amazing bathroom...that includes a bathtub that I might actually use??

7. The Pantry
It's like a small room.  Enough said.

8. The Covered Deck
Ideally, we'd prefer a house that walks out to a concrete patio, instead of a deck with stairs down to the backyard.  But to get everything we wanted in a house, we'd be well-above our price range.  So I feel like a covered deck is the next best thing?  How cool will it be to sit here during a warm, but rainy, day?

9. The Jack & Jill Bath
A bathroom specifically for the boys to share!  I can only imagine how disgusting it will be ten years from now...  

10.  The Three-Car Garage
This was one of our must-haves.  Our two-car just wasn't cutting it with all the baby/kid crap!

11. The Doors
This sounds silly, but we're coming from a house with 1989 flat doors that are only white because we painted them to be.  I'm excited for the already-white paneled doors!

12. The Colors
Dark cabinets, dark wood floors, white(ish) trim, gray-beige walls, oil-rubbed bronze fixtures - features that are finally in line with 2015!

13. The Backyard
We knew one of the hardest parts of leaving our current home would be leaving the huge backyard.  It seems that most new subdivisions pack in the houses, leaving little space for the yard.  This one, however, is only slightly smaller than what we currently have now!

14. The Wine Fridge??
Totally not on our list of must-haves, but kind of a fun feature, right?!  I'm sure it will be used for beer instead of wine (we don't really drink white) but I do love the wine and wine glass storage above!

15. The Future Elementary School
Right now this neighborhood feeds into an elementary school that is 4.5 miles away.  But there are already plans for a new elementary school within the neighborhood!

So basically, I think it's safe to say I love everything about this house! :)  The basement is unfinished, and though it may take ten years, we plan to finish it at some point to add a fifth bedroom, another full bathroom, and likely another living room area.  We are considering this our "forever" house which definitely adds to the excitement.  It's very weird to think this is where our boys are going to grow up!  This is where those first-day-of-school photos will be taken, where the boys will {hopefully} make some neighborhood friends they keep through elementary, middle, and high school, and where they will say good-bye as they head off to college.  This is where we'll hopefully bring home a third baby to and where some fabulous family memories will be made! 

Did I mention, I can't wait?!?!

Here are a few more photos:

Dining Room

Spot for kitchen table

Living Room

Main floor half-bath

Looking up the stairs to the second floor

Looking down the stairs towards the basement (which is unfinished, by the way)

Top of the stairs on the second floor

More master bath

Brantley in his future room:

Holden in his future room:


  1. Beautiful home!! I can only imagine how excited you are!

  2. Okay, can I just say how excited I am?!? I can't believe we're neighbors! I mean, we walk right by your house on our waking route from the lake!! Since we moved in in July I've been so worried that there wouldn't be enough young kids for ours to play with...but as the weather has gotten nicer and everyone started coming outside we realized a ton of young families moved in over the winter. Hallelujah!!

    We definitely need to meet at the park or pool (yay!) when you're done with school. We're considering this our forever home too...crazy to think our kids will go to school together through high school! :)

    Okay, I'll stop now...I'm just excited!!!