16 Weeks Postpartum

Not only was yesterday the anniversary of our engagement, it also marked exactly one year since finding out I was pregnant with Holden!  Apparently August 8 holds all kind of significance in our lives!  I've been wanting to do a postpartum update for awhile now and wish I would have done one after Brantley.  It's nice to look back and know about what to expect and when.  And what better time to do one than exactly one year after learning that the little bambino was growing in there!

Postpartum Update: 16 Weeks

I'm basically back to my normal (i.e. pre-Brantley) self.  I weigh what I did two years ago, although I will say I'm still carrying some extra "cushion" in the belly region.  I'm not counting last summer, nor making it a goal to get there, because that was the smallest I'd been since high school (and I credit that to chasing an extremely active 1-year old).  I'm happy with where my body is and I am completely okay with the altered state of my belly.  I have, after all, carried two babies.  Besides, considering I do nothing to try and lose the weight--except go for the occasional walk--makes me very grateful.  I was blessed with some amazing genes and have gotten extremely lucky in the baby-weight-loss area.  (But I struggled with breastfeeding, remember?  So don't hate me too much.) :)

I'm happy to report that I'm back in my normal wardrobe, with the exception of a few pairs of shorts I bought last summer.  My clothes fit and feel good.  I'm excited to return to work and get to wear some of the dress clothes I haven't worn for nearly a year!

I'm officially weaning from the ole breast pump.  I've gone back and forth about a million times, but our recent trip to Austin sealed the deal for me.  I wasn't as dedicated with my pumping and my supply decreased as a result.  I also skipped a session before bed and boy, was that a mistake.  I ended up with a clogged duct and a minor case of mastitis.  Thank goodness for the on-call doctor at my clinic.  She was gracious enough to call an Austin pharmacy and prescribe an antibiotic, so to not ruin my vacation.  Anyway, since my supply was already down and Holden was getting 1/3 breastmilk, I thought I'd be a nice out.  I've already dropped the two daytime pumping sessions, so I only pump in the mornings and before bed.  It will be nice to not have to worry about pumping (and everything involved) at school and nicer when I can just go to bed or wake up without having to take time to pump.  There's still a part of me that wonders how long I could go, but a larger part of me is relieved to be almost done.

My hair has yet to start falling out.  But it was a good four months after Brantley was born before that happened, so I'm thinking I have a few more weeks.

Girl Stuff
I still haven't gotten my period and I am a-okay with that!  I know it's probably due to the pumping/breastfeeding, and I'll be expecting it soon after the pump gets put away for good.

I feel like I have a good grip on all things baby related.  (I should, seeing it's #2, right?)  I know Holden's hungry cry from his tired cry and can almost always get him to stop fussing.  Leaving the house with two has become much easier and more efficient. 

I'm not going to lie, having two can be overwhelming, exhausting, and difficult.  Had we have waited until Brantley was the frustrating 2-year old that he is now, we may have thought twice about having a second so soon.  However, with that being said, I love this life and love how close in age they are.  I know I have two amazing kiddos and wouldn't change it for the world.

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