Holden Beckett: 4 Months Old

Well here we are, 1/3 of the way through your first year of life!  The days, weeks, and months are flying by and I can't believe it was  four whole months ago that you came into this world!  It seems a little ironic that four months ago today was my last day with students...and then I went on to have a baby a few hours later...and exactly four months later my students are back!  This past month included your first plane ride(s), the start of daycare, and rolling over!

Your 4-month old self is becoming more and more aware of your surroundings.  When I'm in the room, you watch my every move and often fuss when I vanish from your view.  You are a baby that loves to be held and talked to, and you often cry if/when we ignore you.  You have become extremely interactive and respond to us whenever we talk to you.  You are a "chatty" little thing!  You are quite the mover, as well.  Not only have you rolled from belly to back (about three weeks ago) and back to belly (just yesterday), but you also spin 180 degrees!  Tummy time is going a little better, as your neck muscles are gaining strength and you can lift your head high, but you still face plant into the carpet after awhile.  You've become a thumb/hand sucker in the last month and don't love your paci, as a result.  You are still a good baby and very happy/smiley when talked to.  But like I said, you like to be entertained!

Your 4-month appointment today confirmed that you're growing like a weed.  You shot up in height, weight, and head circumference since your 2-month check.  All looked well and we got the okay to start rice cereal.  I cannot even believe it's time for that already!  You also rocked your 4-month shots, all three of them.  Get this, YOU DIDN'T EVEN CRY!!  You fussed for a few seconds and I kept waiting for the wail.  But it never happened, and then you just went about your day.  I'm still shocked about that.  Tough little guy, you are!

You still have more hair than some babies, but it's slowly but surely falling out.  It makes me so sad.  I feel like your hair is one of the things that makes you, you and I hate that it's disappearing.  That will always be one of the first things I remember about your appearance when you were born and one of my most favorite things about your newborn self!

Hair or not, I love you so much, Mr. Holden Beckett!  You are my favorite (and cutest) 4-month old and I can't wait to keep watching you grow!


4-Month Update:

Size - Height: 24.0 inches (19th percentile); Weight: 13 pounds 11 ounces (27th percentile); Head: 41.0cm (21st percentile)

Words - We have "conversations". :)  A lot of goos and gahs.

Activity - Tummy time and time under your play mat.  A lot of watching the world (and people) around you.

Food - You eat 6 ounces six times per day.  About 6-10 ounces of breastmilk, the other 26-30 ounces of formula.

Sleep - You sleep consistently about eight hours each night.  Naps are still all over the place.  Lots of cat naps (15-30 minutes) throughout the day, resulting in a sleepy baby who naps for 2 hours in the evenings.

Bedtime/Waketime - Bedtime is after your last feeding, closer to 9pm than 10 these days.  Wake time has gotten a little earlier (6ish).

Hair - Still dark brown, but there's not much left compared to your full head of newborn hair.  Makes Mommy sad. :(

Eyes - Bright blue

Teeth - None

Wardrobe - 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing.

Diapers - Finishing the package of size 1s, then it's on to size 2!

Likes - Being patted, your thumb/hand, movement, being talked to, being held.

Dislikes - Being hungry, tired, and hot.

Mommy's Fave - I love that you recognize me these days and you know that I'm your mommy.  The smiles you give us are still the best!

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