Thoughts for Thursday

I haven't had anything major to blog about lately, but that's not to say I don't have anything on my mind.  So when I saw "Thoughts for Thursday" on another blog I follow, I thought that'd be the perfect way to update all my followers.

We've gone to two Royal's games in the past week.  The first last Friday vs. the Mariners, and again on Tuesday vs. the Dodgers.  I'm getting much more efficient at packing for games and getting out the door in record time!  It's really perfect - I pump on the drive there, and again on the drive home - though Craig is always under strict orders not to pull window-to-window with anyone. ;)  The boys have been very well-behaved through the ninth inning, and it amazes me how much our near 2-year old gets into the game!  He watches and claps whenever everyone else does.  He even went as far as putting down his hot dog on Tuesday so he could clap during opening lineup - cutest thing ever!  Too bad the Royals lost both games...and have ended their gig in first place.

P.S. - Ask Brantley who his favorite Royal's players are and he'll tell you Alex Gordon and Mike Goose.  (Mike Moustakas' nickname is Moose for all you non-Royals fans.)

Speaking of my near 2-year old, I didn't start party planning until this week.  (Say what????  A far cry from last year when I started six months ahead of time!)  IF you even call it that, I should add.  I made and printed invites.  That's the extent of my "planning".  No Pinterest-worthy projects this year.  Just a rented out shelter, hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, cake, and immediate family members.  But that's okay, right?  The over-the-topness is not what the kiddos remember and besides, I'm sure there will be plenty more of that in years to come. :)

P.S. - He does get two parties.  One in Wichita and another in Iowa.

Can you believe July is almost here already?!  I love the 4th of July--it's my favorite holiday after Christmas--but it also brings a little sadness.  Once Independence Day hits, I feel like summer is gone in the blink of an eye. :(
We spent a large portion of last weekend at our neighborhood pool.  I put on my swimsuit and fedora, and immediately, Brantley wanted to wear his {fedora}, too!  I've encouraged him to wear it other times, but he's had none of it...until he saw Mama in hers.  And because he and I don't often dress as twins, it called for a picture! 

P.S. - I also resorted back to my two-piece.  (After showing up in the same one-piece as a 50+ year old grandma a few weeks ago, I vowed to get back in my regular suits!)  I'm still up from my pre-prego weight/size, but ya know what--I don't care!  I just had a baby nine weeks ago and I'm feeling pretty good about my post-baby bod, considering I don't work out one bit. 

How cute is this kid?

And this one, too?

And here's a funny story from this week.  I was getting ready to pump on Wednesday when Brantley picked up my pump parts and tried to pump some booby milk of his own.  Imitation at its finest.  I'm sure this will completely embarrass him someday, but it was too funny not to document.

That's all I've got for now.  Another low-key weekend in store before our crazy month of July hits!



  1. I feel like this happens every year with our Royals. Derek gets so excited when they start the season in 1st place and they slowly make their way to last (or at least the bottom!). And that boob pump pic better be in his wedding video someday! :)

  2. Love baseball games...going to see the Rangers play tomorrow! Ah, your kids are dolls! I agree with Sarah... this picture needs to get well used over his life! :)