Dad's Day

Hello??  Anybody still out there in blogland?  Craig was out of town for work {again} last week and, for once, we made it through without any illnesses or major catastrophes.  No blog posts either, but no misfortunes, and that I'll gladly take!  Anyway, so now I play catch-up on el blogo! 

First up, Father's Day weekend!  It was pretty low-key around here, but that doesn't mean we didn't enjoy it.

In true Sides fashion, I caved and gave Craig his Father's Day gifts on Friday evening.  I couldn't help myself.  I just get too excited about gift-giving!  Now, normally the hubs and I don't exchange gifts on these Hallmark holidays (or at Christmas or on our anniversary), but for some reason we do on Mother's and Father's Day.  I think perhaps because we each realize how truly lucky we are to have married someone who is an excellent mother/father.  Anyway, Craig had been wanting a Garmin running watch for some time so I splurged and got him one.  And by splurged, I mean spent money out of our shared account.  (Another reason we don't normally do gifts--it's not as much fun when it's our combined money--mostly his, I'm a teacher after all--and I'm spending his money to get him a gift.)  I also gave him a six-pack of mix & match beer and included a note made out of pipe cleaners.  Got the idea on another blog I follow and I will say, it was super cute.  (Thanks Elizabeth!)  Brantley also made a canvas at daycare, so we wrapped that, as well!

After surprising Craig with his gifts, we enjoyed some yummy sandwiches at Pepperjacks and spent the rest of the evening around a firepit with our neighbors.

On Saturday morning, we decided to go pick blueberries at the Berry Patch--one of my favorite summertime activities!  I've gone the last two summers with friends, but this year, I thought it'd be fun to go as a family.  Unfortunately, the blueberries weren't quite ripe and there were far more green than blue ones, but we still picked about three cups worth. 

Sunday was another low-key day.  We started the day with doughnuts at LaMar's, though Craig definitely didn't have to twist my arm to do so! :)  Later that day, Craig took Brantley to the pool, while I went grocery shopping for dinner supplies.  And like we do on most weekend, we grilled and ate a delicious dinner on our deck - steaks, potatoes, bacon-wrapped green beans, and homemade blueberry muffins with our freshly picked berries.

Though it wasn't my day, I'm sure Craig would agree that it was the perfect way to spend Father's Day weekend.

And a quick note to my hubby--thank you for being the amazing father that you are!  It's apparent to everyone that Brantley loves you so very much and I have no doubt that Holden will grow to do the same!  You are a fantastic father, a hands-on dad, and a positive role model to our boys, and I'm so lucky to have found not only a best friend, but the best daddy for my children.  Love you lots!

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