Holden Beckett: 2 Months Old!

Wow, it's amazing to me how quickly two months has come and gone!  It goes quickly with a first baby, but even quicker the second time around!  And I'm already having anxiety about going back to work.  It's almost July, which means it's almost August, and sadly I go back on August 11.  Nine weeks of maternity leaver/summer have just flown by in the blink of an eye.  Seven to go.  Yikes.

I am definitely enjoying my time at home, and I especially love focusing solely on you on Tuesdays and Thursdays while Brantley is at daycare.  Sometimes we run errands, other times it's nice to not leave the house and just stare, talk, cuddle, and smile with you.  You continue to be the best baby ever.  We thought Brantley was a good baby, but I can remember times when we couldn't get him to stop crying to save our life.  Two months in and we have yet to have that problem.  Sure, you cry, but it typically just means you're hungry, tired, or need a diaper change and once we do something about whichever it is, you're fine.  You are a very chill baby, very easy to take places.  I seriously thank God for that every single day.  Props to all those moms with a colicky, inconsolable baby.  I'm not sure I could handle that.

You are growing steadily and surely.  You weighed in at 10 pounds 6 ounces at your 2-month-on-the-dot appointment, which was the 22nd percentile for your age.  Your doctor said you might not be huge, but you're "solid as a rock".  I've been taking you to the Mommy & Me Boutique each Friday for a weigh in.  Here are those stats.

05.30.14 (6 weeks old) - 9 pounds 0.5 ounce
06.05.14 (7 weeks old) - 9 pounds 9.5 ounces
06.13.14 (8 weeks old) - 10 pounds 2.5 ounces

You rocked your 2-month appointment.  You had your first round of immunizations, but like your older brother, you didn't seem bothered by them whatsoever.  You cried for about 30 seconds until I was able to pick you up, and then you were fine.

Your second month of life included a visit by Gramma and Papa Fritz and your first Royals game.  Otherwise, it was pretty low-key.

I still love your hair.  Though sometimes it makes me forget how young you actually are!  And you're still my mini-me.  Which I still love.  But my newest favorite thing has been your smiles.  Sure, I caught a few smiles on camera during your first month of life, but now you are smiling at us.  Real, true smiles.  And quite often.  I could stare at them all day.  So, so cute.

2-Month Update:

Size - Height: 22.0 inches (18th percentile); Weight: 10 pounds 6 ounces (22nd percentile); Head: 38.3cm (16th percentile)

Words - Recently started cooing and "talking" some.

Activity - A little bit of tummy time each day and some time in your Bumbo.  You love looking at things around our house and spend a lot of time smiling at the window blinds, your mobile, and the ceiling fan.

Food - You still eat about every 2.5 to 4 hours during the days, approximately 6 or 7 times per day - early morning, mid-morning, lunchtime, mid-afternoon, early evening, later evening, before bed.  You're not really on a "schedule" as your wake time each morning differs.  I'm still breastfeeding, but top you off with 2.5 to 3 ounces in a bottle after each session.  So far, I've been able to pump enough milk to only give you about 4 ounces of formula per day (the early morning bottle because I can take it upstairs and have it ready and the before bed bottle to keep you fuller longer).

Sleep - You've been sleeping through the night (about seven hours) consistently since my last update.  You go to bed around 10:30, after your last feeding, and wake up anytime between the hours of 4am and 7am (usually around 5).  You then go back to sleep after your early-morning feeding and sleep until you're hungry again.  You nap in your Rock & Play off and on throughout the day.

Bedtime/Waketime - See above.

Hair - Still dark brown.  I think there are some reddish pieces and people have commented on your "natural highlights".  It may be thinning a little, but you still have enough of it. :)

Eyes - Bright blue

Teeth - None

Wardrobe - Still newborn and 0-3 months.

Diapers - Size 1

Likes - Being patted on the booty, your paci (mainly when you're fussy or to fall asleep), the Sitter Seal white noise app, movement (the car, the swing, the stroller), being tightly swaddled. 

Dislikes - Being hungry, tired, or needing a diaper change.  Pretty typical for a 2-month old, I think.

Mommy's Fave - Your sweet little smile.

In these two months, you have taken our lives to a whole new level.  We are officially a family now and I sure am loving it!  I can't imagine life without you.  Keep on being awesome, Little Man!

Love, Your Mama

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