Another Great Weekend

I haven't blogged much lately because there's been so much going on, but don't think I haven't been composing posts in my head!  I'll start with a post about our weekend.  It was definitely another fun-filled one!

Friday: I took a personal day because this was the weekend of our neighborhood garage sale.  This is the 3rd year in a row we've organized/priced our junk and participated.  It payed off because we made over $300!  I question how we've accumulated so much garage-sale worthy material, but I guess moving in together two years ago and upgrading many household items last summer after getting married, definitely helps contribute.

The garage sale was actually enjoyable, too, as it was a summer-like 80 degrees and sunny.  Not only did I make some money, but also got a nice little tan burn, as well!

Who needs an UGLY bathroom sink??  Apparently someone, as they were both purchased!

If you look closely, you can see our ghetto clothes rack!

My "register"

Kinnick enjoying the sun

We had free tickets to the Royals game on Friday night.  No one was able to go with, so we ended up selling four of the six free tickets for $5 each!  Score!!  Erica won tickets to the same game, so we met up with her group that consisted of Brandi, Travis, and Alissa.  It was the perfect night for a game--good weather, Buck Night ($1 hotdogs?  Yes, please!), and Fireworks Friday (I love fireworks-they scream summer to me)!  AND the Royals broke their 6-game losing streak and beat the Twins after taking the lead in a very exciting 8th inning!

The gropu

The casual shot Craig so wanted to take

Girl pic

We were pretty high up, but like I said, we made $20 so it didn't matter!  (And we moved down later in the game anyway.)

Beautiful fountains at the K

I got some pretty stunning shots of the fireworks!

Look at those colors! 

Saturday: We continued our garage sale and got rid of a few more things.  The rest was delivered to Goodwill!

We also had our friends' daughter's 1st birthday party.  The best part?  Chillin' in their driveway in the again near-80 weather!  It was gorgeous!!
Me, Lauren, and Katie in our Target dresses!

Lauren and the birthday girl, Anna

The hubs and I

The rest of our day consisted of running errands, including me getting a new phone!  Finally!!!  I  had a 2 1/2 year old iPhone 3G that ran as slow as molasses!  Apple screwed me over last summer when I downloaded a new operating system that wasn't compatible with my particular model; unfortunately, there was no un-doing this.  Craig said I shouldn't reward Apple by purchasing a new iPhone (and I understand his point), but I loved it that much.  Anyway, on Saturday, I upgraded to a 4G...the new (as of last week) white one!  I had planned on waiting until summer to get the iPhone 5 until I heard the release date had been delayed until this fall.  I could not put up with the slowness and crappiness for that much longer, so I gave in.  After debating whether or not to switch to Verizon, we decided to stick with AT&T.  Basically, because they gave us a better deal.  Here's what my phone looks like!  It's so fast compared to my old one!  And has so many better features!  So far, I love it!

On Saturday evening, we headed to the new Buffalo Wild Wings near our house.  It was an early night, as we were both exhausted, but we got to enjoy some wings and mojitos!
Yummy wings!

Today was cold and crappy.  We hung out on the couch for most of the day.  Even so, it was a fantastic weekend!

Oh, and how 'bout them Royals!  The swept the Twins this weekend with scores Friday 4-3, Saturday 11-2, and today 10-3!  First home sweep of the Twins since something like 1996!  And speaking of sports, the Chiefs drafted Stanzi the Manzi this weekend!  For those of you that {sadly} aren't Iowa football fans, he was Iowa's quarterback for the previous three seasons.  He joins former Hawkeye and teammate Tony Moeaki.  Welcome to KC, Ricky!

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