Rhett Kauffman: 5 Months Old

Well, here I am again - 21 days (3 WEEKS!) late on your most recent monthly update.  My tardiness sums up my life right now.  B U S Y.  I'll spare you the details but basically I've been in the middle of about six things at work for about 20 consecutive school days and I have zero desire, nor energy, to think about blogging after you and your brothers go to bed each night.  And since we're only ten days away from your next monthly birthday, I'm giving up for this month.  I do want to jot down a few noteworthy things, but that's all you get this month.  Sorry, baby. #thirdchildproblems 

1) You have mastered the art of rolling.  Back to front.  Front to back.  You do it all and often.  You even starting sleeping on your belly almost 100% of the time.

2) You recognize your bottles.  Like, big time.  And the prune juice seems to be helping.

3) You enjoy being social (i.e. you want to be held).  You are not okay with being left alone.  Held = happy!

4) These monthly photos are getting hard.  I don't remember the struggle until 8 months with your brothers, but it's already happening.  Heaven help me, we are not even half way to one!  However, I feel like these perfectly describe your life these days - rolling, sucking of finger, and constantly gnawing of things.

I'll be back next month with a typical update and - holla - it'll be summer by then!!


  1. Haha, he's eating the sign! I love the royals picture!!

  2. He's so precious! And you posted this - so I think you are doing a FAB job! XO

  3. Happy 5 months, Rhett! He's so cute and getting so big!

  4. You get the award for most photogenic baby! Rhett is such a dream. PS- Ive seen several baby name announcements of "Rhett" and you will forever be the original ;)

  5. He always seems like just the happiest little guy! Love him!

  6. Happy five months sweet Rhett! How did that happen so fast? You sure are a cutie and I know you have Mama's heart!