Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is only ten days away!  Here are a few things I wouldn't mind receiving. *wink wink*

iPhone 7 Plus - In reality, I'm not eligible for a new phone for another two months, unless I basically want to hand over my current phone to Apple.  Or I could wait two months, sell it to a third party and pocket the change, which is obviously what I'll do.  Womp womp.  I'm so ready for a new phone with a better camera, however!  And rose gold fo sho!!!!!

Nickel & Suede Earrings - One can never have too many pairs of these lightweight, leather earrings!  Most of my existing pairs are neutral colored, so I'm ready for a pair that really stands out, like these!

Mama Necklace - I'm in desperate need of a new bar necklace that accurately displays all three of my kiddos names!  I scoured Etsy for a rose-gold necklace long enough to fit the names Brantley - Holden - Rhett and came up with this amazing shop!  Bonus: The bar can be engraved on both sides--sounds about perfect for a wedding anniversary!  This may or may not be on its way to my mailbox as I type. 😉

New Camera Strap - I could also use a new one of these for my DSLR camera.  Mine is old, dirty, and besides, the chevron ship has been sailed. #givemealltheflorals

Granata Birkenstocks - This makes me feel like I'm back in fifth grade when I wanted a pair of leather sandals "with the two straps".  Pretty sure my mom bought me a pair of knockoffs from Walmart and pretty sure I'll do the same (but Target) 25 years later!  I love this style of Birks.  Surely, Target will come out with a similar pair because I've heard nothing but amazing things about this pair of knockoffs!

Hobo Lauren Leather Wallet - I came thisclose to buying this for myself when my friend Vanessa posted about it on the HowDoesShe SAVE facebook page.  But I didn't.  And now I'm wishing I would have.

Mommy & Me Mini Session - And finally, this.  Probably my most wished for gift after the new mama necklace.  It's no secret I'm photo-obsessed.  We always take family pictures each fall, but it's usually a stressful situation as is - hubby hates photos, the boys have a limited attention span, we already squeeze in family + brothers + individual kids photos, etc. etc. etc.  Point being, I'm never in the right frame of mind to ask for a few photos of just me and my boys, but it is something I would absolutely love to have done.  Plus, springtime, green, flowers, etc!!!!!  Maybe I'll just go ahead and gift that to myself this summer, we'll see.

What is on your Mother's Day wishlist this year?


  1. I have the knock off birks from Target..mine are a little too big on me but I really like them. I love that floral camera strap!

  2. Such a great list. I'd love any of these!

  3. Love the list and I miss you blogging! But I get it :) I use to have a bar necklace with Brayden & Ella's names on it with a heart in between and I loved it then I couldn't find one that could fit all their names with a heart in between, but I think the one you shared will work! Pretty sure I had the knock offs when I was in 8th grade too LOL! A Mommy/kids photo shoot would be so nice! xo

  4. Yes to the rose gold iPhone! Mine is still a 6s but the color is everything. Ive been debating about the Target birk knockoffs, if you get them tell me ALL about them :)