Potty Training Round 2

It's been three weeks now, but our house is officially diaper-free!  For a few months anyway!  I never expected that potty training Holden would be as easy as it was.  He's always been a stubborn boy, very feisty, and tends to do things on his own terms.  And there are plenty of times that he refers to himself as a "baby", unlike Brantley who always loved any and all things "big boy".  On the other hand, Holden had been telling us for a few good months every time he "poopied".  He would also knowingly pee in the shower, both good signs of being potty-training-ready!  Still, I wasn't overly confident about the process.

Like he did with Brantley, Craig took a Friday off of work.  For whatever reason, he offered with Brantley and did the same with Holden.  And I certainly wasn't going to deny him of the opportunity!  After all, I carried the babies for a good nine months; the least he can do is endure day one of potty training solo. ;)  We purposefully waited until I was back at work so that we could send Brantley to daycare and Craig could focus solely on Holden.

And like he did with Brantley, he started the day with a special Daddy/Holden breakfast of donuts.  And fluids.  Lots and lots of fluids.

Holden had a few accidents, but also had a number of successful trips to the potty--both #1 and #2!  Leave it to Craig to keep track of his successes and failures on the chalk board...and then take a picture!  I nearly died when I saw this pop up on Instagram!

We made sure to fill our treat bowl - a few books from Target's dollar spot, stickers, and other junk, but his go-to reward was marshmallows.  This weird kid doesn't like candy so we had to get creative with his positive reinforcements.

Saturday and Sunday brought a couple more accidents, but mostly just successes in the bathroom!  As the 3-day method suggests, one of us stayed home with Holden the entire weekend.  And basically didn't leave his side.  We didn't ask him if he had to go potty.  Rather, we gave him the power.  We reminded him constantly to tell one of us when he had to go.  Again, all part of the 3-day method we have followed with both boys and have had good luck with.

On Monday, it was time to send him back to daycare.  I was pretty nervous.  Ms. Stephanie has six kids to watch, after all, three of which are younger than Holden!  To complicate the matter, she had an infant starting that day.  A 3-month old.  3-month old babies require a lot of attention!  Great timing on our part, huh?  The first day at daycare, he had two {pee} accidents, but both were en route to the bathroom.  And to our surprise (more like shock!), there have been no daycare accidents ever since!  

At home, we've had maybe three accidents since our weekend of potty-training, but otherwise it's been smooth sailing!  He was never afraid to poop, like Brantley was, and he just seemed to take to the potty like it was his job.  I'm still in shock at how easy it was!

(Side note: He wears a pull-up during nap and bedtime, though he often wakes up dry.)

So now we have two kids in undies.  Two big boys running around our house.  Time really does fly!

A huge thank you to my husband for being the awesome potty trainer you are!  If I'm being honest, I'm not sure I have the patience for day one of this business, but you, you seem to rock at it!  You have been very patient with the boys and have been such a great teacher, motivator, and reinforcer during the process.  Which means, we better stick with a similar plan with 3.0.  Obviously. ;)

Although two kids (boys) using the potty has it's drawbacks (more laundry, sorting of underwear, pee on the floor, and more butt-wiping), I don't miss changing diapers in the least bit and I plan to enjoy these next couple of months without diapers before it starts all. over. again.


  1. Okay Craig's chalkboard made me laugh so hard! It's just what Drew would have written down too. Yay Holden! Way to go buddy. I think Emmy's about ready to potty train. She's interested and has gone a few times. She's started to tell me when she's gone, so it's just getting her to tell me before she does. She's till young though, so we will see.

  2. Yeah Holden!!!! So glad he's doing great :) and enjoy these few diaper free months- go wild and carry and tiny little purse ;)

  3. Yay for Holden!! And your husband seems hilarious, I loved that chalkboard, LOL!

    I just did a guest post on another blog about potty training today, too funny! I need to get on board with training my youngest but part of me doesn't want to because she is probably our last, crazy right? Most people would die for all their kids to be out of diapers, but not me!

  4. So glad potty training was so good for you all! We tried the three day method, but it took about a year before we were completely done. Something about pooping on the potty was apparently terrifying. How awesome that your hubby took care of the potty training for you! I'd be all about that! And his chalkboard sign. I die.

  5. My husband did the work with potty training Simon too - it was awesome. My other two kids were sooo difficult! LOL at the chalkboard, but yay for Holden!

  6. Go Holden! That chalkboard is hilarious, too! 😂

  7. Bahahaha....that sign is amazing!! I really just need to bite the bullet and train Stella. She already poops on the potty pretty consistently (98% of the time) but her classroom doesn't have a bathroom in their classroom, which makes me nervous.

  8. HA! That chalkboard!!! Pissed himself and crapped himself. Lol. I love it.
    Also, can you send the master potty trainer over here? Maybe he can work some magic with Mason?
    Way to go Holden!!!

  9. YAY Holden!!! I wish I could throw a few hand clap emojis here.
    The chalkboard!! OMG, HILARIOUS!!
    Serious props to Craig for being the potty whisperer, and for tackling the duties like a champ.

  10. That's awesome! I love how focused on him you guys get when you're doing the training. & the chalkboard - hilarious! I loved it! Tee hee! :)

  11. DYING over the chalkboard!!! So funny! Great job Holden!! Though if Im handing out praises, Dad gets a big gold star too!

  12. Dying over the pissed himself & shit himself!!! Yay Holden!

  13. That is amazing!!! And the chalkboard? Hilarious! Thanks for keeping it real. Way to go, buddy!

  14. Go Holden Go! Craig’s chalkboard made me crack up! That’s a dad for ya! Ha.