7 Months Pregnant with 3.0

It's officially fall, which means we are really close to baby time!  Yesterday marked two months from Baby's due date and Friday marked 31 weeks into this pregnancy.  In a sense, nine weeks still seems so far away, but then again, nine weeks ago (the end of July) seems like yesterday!  Reality is also reminding me that this baby could come soon!  I was born at 34 weeks and I've known several people to have babies around 37!  Nothing makes me think this baby is coming early, but of course, the chance is always there.  As much as I want to enjoy these last few weeks, there are some days when I feel D-O-N-E.  I feel big and heavy and tired.  The pregnancy symptoms seem to have increased exponentially this past month, as has my belly size.  The leg cramps.  The constant peeing.  The sweating and loss of breath while teaching.  The acid reflux.  The exhaustion at the end of the day.  Don't get me wrong, some days I feel great, but most days, I'm just ready to be done!

I'm also getting more and more nervous about things to come.  Long-term sub plans: I'm very organized at school (which makes sub plans pretty easy), but I'm also a huge control freak.  As much as I'm looking forward to 12 weeks off, there's a part of me that hates giving up control of my classroom, especially when I have to come back for 12 weeks at the end of the school year!  The labor/delivery process and all that that entails.  My previous labors have been very quick (7 hours with Brantley--after being induced--and 4 hours with Holden) and I'm extremely nervous about finding care for the boys and making it to the hospital in time for the epidural.  And of course, the newborn stage and life with three kids four and under!  There are definitely some rough days right now, but for the most part, our life is very comfortable so I'm nervous to go back to those newborn days that include a lack of sleep, breastfeeding issues, bottles, and a life that is not entirely my own.

In other news, I passed my glucose test (yay!), got my Rhogam shot, and have started bi-weekly appointments to the doctor!  It's gettin' realer than real!


How Far Along: 7 months (31 weeks and 3 days)

Size of Baby: The size of a pineapple

Gender: Baby BOY #3!

Weight Gain:About 35 pounds

Food Cravings: Nothing specific

Food Aversions: No aversions either

Movement: Frequent and often

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well!

Clothing: Mostly maternity, but still some flowy, non-maternity tops and dresses.  I'm loving that loose is what's in style right now!

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: Acid reflux, leg cramps, and sore feet are my biggest complaints.  We've also traveled the last two weekends and the car rides make my feet swell pretty bad (luckily that's the only time I swell).  Sore, achy hands in the mornings (carpel tunnel-like symptoms) similar to what I had in my previous two pregnancies.  And let's not even talk about how sweaty and out-of-breath I get while teaching.  The heat and humidity is not helping and I'm so ready for some fall-like temps!

What I Miss: Mainly being able to sleep on my stomach and easily bend down to pick up something off the floor.

Best Moment: Learning I passed my glucose test!  Give me all the sweets!

Looking Forward To: The day off this Friday (after two really long days of PT conferences) that includes a doctor's appointment, a hair appointment, and maybe a little nursery shopping while the boys are at daycare!

Here are this past month's bump photos!


  1. I remember what it's like towards the end, it is for sure hard! But you look great :) I had carpel tunnel too and it drove me crazy! I had to wear braces when I slept. Why can't being pregnant just be easy, LOL! I hope you enjoy your day off this week!

  2. You look so great! I can totally relate to all your anxieties! Praying these last few weeks go quickly!

  3. I would feel the same way that you do about giving up control of your classroom. Especially knowing you'll have to come back to whatever was left behind for you by that person and wrap up the school year. A friend of mine went on maternity leave from the start of school until just after winter break and found that over half of her speech hours hadn't been logged which put HER in the bind when parents wanted data. Super frustrating!

  4. Looking SO cute! You will rock it! SO excited for you!

  5. You are so freaking adorable. The bump is the cutest.
    I hope the next few weeks go quickly and smoothly for you!!

  6. You look gorgeous! Hope everything goes smoothly.

    Floradise blog

  7. Yay! It's getting so close. Can't wait to hear that 3.0 is here. :) I hope the last part of your pregnancy goes smoothly. You are gonna get things accomplished girl. I have no doubt. Thinking of you.

  8. Looking good, mama! He'll be here sooooo soon!

  9. You are looking so good. You don't look tired which blows my mind since you are pregnant, a mom of two and you work outside the home.

  10. You're so cute!!! Love the bump! And seriously you're so close! These days are just going to fly by! Try to ignore the bad symptoms (it's hard, I know) and enjoy being able to eat all the sweets, guilt free :)

  11. First of all, you look amazing! Such a beauty. :)

    Secondly, you tell that hubby of yours to start giving you some good leg/foot rubbin'. You deserve it!

  12. You are so adorable! And yay for no aversions and for sleeping pretty well. That’s not something most 31 week pregnant women can say!

  13. Love watching your belly grow! You are as gorgeous as ever!