Sides 3.0: The Details

In case you missed yesterday's post, it's true, Baby #3 is coming this November!  Some might think we're crazy.  Actually, we couldn't agree more!  We are also very nervous, yet very excited!  Going from zero to one, and even from one to two kids were pretty smooth transitions for us.  Each of our boys as newborns were great babies (and amazing sleepers), but I have a feeling this one could be different for a couple different reasons.  One, surely our luck has run out?!  And two--as my husband says--no more of that man-to-man coverage; we will officially be outnumbered and should probably prep ourselves for zone defense.  (I'm not even completely sure what that means...)

Two kids seem to be the norm.   Three is a game changer.  We need a new car (a van?? ahem, remember that Mother's Day wish list??), we need to decide whether to bunk the boys and let this new baby take over Holden's nursery...or convert the guest bedroom to the new nursery and lose our guest bedroom, and oh my goodness let's not even discuss the cost of daycare!  Luckily, the daycare cost is a short term problem, but can I just mention how difficult it is to arrange daycare for three kids?!  I'm not allowing myself to be stressed about it because I know it will all work out in the end, but it is hard not knowing what lies ahead...

In an effort to give you a little info regarding Baby #3, I've brainstormed many of the questions I often ask (or want to ask) pregnant women and a few I've gotten myself thus far...

How far along are you?  When is your due date?

I am 12 weeks today.  My due date is Friday, November 25, the day after Thanksgiving.  Interestingly enough, Brantley was born the Friday of 4th of July weekend and Holden was born the Friday of Easter weekend.  I guess we love Friday/holiday babies?!

When did you find out?

I've known since mid-March.  It was the Wednesday of my Spring Break, a couple of days before my period was set to arrive and I decided to take a test while the boys were napping.  Much to my surprise the test was positive.  (I mean, sort of, I knew there was a chance but one can never be fully prepared for those two pink lines.)  The second line was faint, but not as faint as it had been with both Brantley and Holden.  At that point, I was two days shy of 4 weeks pregnant.  And funny story, I had taken the boys' photos in their Royal's apparel for the Opening Day link-up earlier that day.  That was literally the first time in Holden's life that the boys cooperated and the photo session went smoothly.  I was super excited about that....and then, hours later, I learned we'd be adding a third, making photos a big ball of stress once again.

How did you tell Craig?

Since I found out during my Spring Break while home with the boys, I had some time to scheme a plan.  Craig usually gets home between 4 and 5 and I learned of our news around 2pm that I had a couple of hours.  However, the boys were napping and my plan required a trip to Walmart.  I waited anxiously for the boys to wake up and around 3, I got nervous that I might not have enough time to carry out my plan.  So crazy mom kicked in and I did what I thought I'd never do.......I woke my napping kids, threw them in the car, and headed to Walmart where I picked up plain white tees and some 1, 2, and 3 iron-on numbers.  I prepped those shirts as quickly as I could, all while the boys played so perfectly with each other (a rare occurrence).  And then we waited.  And waited.  The whole time, I was shaking so nervously.  I couldn't even think about anything else.  Vanessa stopped by to drop off something and I couldn't help but share my news.  It actually helped calm my nerves and made the time pass quickly.  She left as soon as my "Find my Friends" app (i.e. Find my Husband) told me Craig was nearly to our neighborhood.  We sat nervously on our front porch in our 1, 2, and 3 shirts, but Craig messed things up when he went through the garage (and house) instead coming straight to the front porch.  When he did greet us, it took him about 10 seconds to catch on and he may or may not have muttered something that included the F-word.  Like I said, no one can ever be fully prepared.  To be clear, he was very happy and very excited.  It just took awhile for the reality of three kids to set in!

Side note: I later learned that he thought I was trying to tell him Holden went poop (#2) on the potty.  Yes honey, because I would tell you that with a t-shirt...

What is planned?

The number one question you have, am I right?!
It sure was!! ;)  Though we were in no hurry and my attitude this go-round was very laissez faire, it was a planned pregnancy.  We were obviously prepared for a third pregnancy, but I would have been okay had it not happened for a few (or six...) months.  However, from the get-go, I had a feeling it was going to happen sooner than later.  With Brantley, it took three months of trying.  Holden took two.  And crazily, this pregnancy happened in the first month of trying.

Will you find out the gender?

Don't even get me started.  Yes, we will definitely find out the gender as soon as we can!  We had all intentions of doing the new, non-invasive prenatal screening via early blood test.  I even had blood drawn at my appointment on Wednesday.  However, our doctor suggested we verify coverage with our insurance first because, get this, some of her patients have been billed $10,000!!!  Turns out, our insurance won't cover it unless it's deemed "medically necessary" (even though they covered it for a few of Craig's co-workers mere months ago).  Booooo.  So we will be finding out, but it looks like we're going to have to wait about eight more weeks for our 20-week anatomy scan ultrasound.

Were you trying for a girl?  Hoping for a girl?  Any early intuition?

Trying for a girl?  No.  Why do people always assume that's the case when you have two of the same-sex kids?  We were trying for a third baby and that's it.  Hoping for a girl?  That's hard to say.  I' wanted a girl so, so badly the first time I was pregnant.  In fact, I just expected to have all girls.  And then I had two boys and became very partial to them.  I really can't imagine having anything but a boy and I absolutely looooove the thought of three boys, especially as they grow older.  However, my heart, my mind, and my body keep telling me its a girl (read on) and I can't help but to be a teensy bit excited about that.  So yes, my intuition is girl and I will be shocked if it's the opposite.  I've also had a couple of dreams.  One dream about a boy and one about a girl...which is more than I ever had with either of the boys!  So in all honestly, I see major benefits to both and I can truly, honestly say I'll be happy with either!!

How have you been feeling?

Here's why I'm saying GIRL.  I have felt amazingly well!  Like zero morning sickness.  I haven't once gagged while brushing my teeth, haven't once needed saltines and/or ginger ale, and haven't once had that aversion to coffee that I was oh so familiar with in my first two pregnancies.  It's bizarre and in all honestly, I didn't know it was possible to feel this "normal" while pregnant.  With the boys, I relied on Zofran from about 6/7 weeks pregnant until about week 12/13.  I threw up once with each of them and had that "throw upy" feeling far too often.  I haven't felt one ounce of nausea this go around.  I've been tired, but nothing life-altering.  I think I've lucked out {during all three pregnancies} with that overly exhausted feeling that most women talk about.  I have definitely been less motivated and I have gone to bed at 9pm on multiple occasions, but it's not like I'm falling asleep mid-job.  So long story short, I have been feeling great!

Any other pregnancy symptoms?

I have definitely been more hungry than normal.  I'm usually hungry right after eating breakfast, again at 10am, and again at 4pm!  As much as I want to snack on healthy things, I've been eating horribly (give me all the cookies and sweets).  That could explain my 4 pounds of weight gain already. ;)  I've been feeling bloated and fat and getting dressed isn't my favorite thing.  I've also noticed myself easily out of breath--like when I'm teaching!  I have no idea if it's pregnancy related, but in my mind, I imagine my uterus growing and taking space away from my lungs, so I'm telling myself it is!

How has this pregnancy been different from your last two?

More like, how hasn't it?!  There's the lack of morning sickness, lack of sore boobs, lack of gagging while brushing my teeth, and lack of constipation.  I'm still chugging my morning coffee to no avail (switched to half-caff - let's not talk about the multiple grande frappuccinos I've scarfed down during Starbucks' happy hour). With my first two, I remember constantly knowing/thinking/remembering I was pregnant.  No matter what, that was always the first thing on my mind.  Not to sound ungrateful or like I don't already love this baby, but that definitely hasn't been the case with this one.  I think it's partially the result of not feeling "pregnant" but also because I've been so busy and so focused on other things.  Literally, hours have gone by and I forget altogether that I'm pregnant!!  Please don't take it the wrong way...I just think that's the difference between a first child and a third.  Other differences - time is flying.  We are already almost 1/3 of the way to my due date and with my two previous pregnancies, I felt like time couldn't move any slower (during the first trimester anyhow).  I'm also more nervous this time.  Having experienced two {fairly} healthy pregnancies and two healthy babies, I can't help but think our risks are increased.  Risk of miscarriage, risk of a baby with problems, risk of problems with me.  Especially not having felt pregnant, I was definitely nervous about the potential lack of a heartbeat during our first two appointments.  Lo and behold, it was (and still is) there!

Will this be it?

As much as I love the idea of four kids (especially later in life when they are grown), three will probably be it for us.  Kids cost a lot of money and trying to keep up with the activities of 4+ kids sounds more exhausting than I want to take on.  Besides, it just doesn't seem fair to ask the kids to pick and choose which activities they want to participate in because Mommy and Daddy can't do it all.

However, if this baby is a girl and I could guarantee her a sister, I would be all about a fourth!  #thatsmyidealfamily #butitsnotgonnahappen

Because this is probably it for us, I really want to soak up everything about this pregnancy.  It's killing me not to partake in Monday night wine night with my neighbors, but then I feel guilty for wishing away my third pregnancy.  It's a true gift getting to experience a growing baby inside of you and I want to appreciate every little thing about this final pregnancy.

Will you continue to work after Baby #3?  What about a maternity leave?

That is the plan.  I'm not cut out to be a full-time stay-at-home-mom.  I get to pretend in the summer months and that is enough for me.  A part-time gig would be ideal and potentially something I will look into after I'm done having babies, but for now, I will continue my 40-hour teaching job.  Between daycare costs and my teaching salary, we may break even for a few years, but I enjoy the routine a full-time job offers, not to mention the interaction among my adult co-workers.  As for my maternity leave, I will have about four weeks of paid time off; the rest will be unpaid.  My initial thoughts tell me I will return to work sometime around mid-February after taking off all of December and January, but those details have yet to be worked out.

Is there a baby bump yet?

I definitely think so!  It's probably not noticeable if you don't know I'm pregnancy, especially since I've been wearing loose-firring clothing, but the bump was impossible to "suck in" at just 9.5 weeks!  However, I seem to be growing around my entire mid-section area versus just in my belly and I am not at all excited to put on a swimsuit in a few short weeks!

Will you be taking weekly baby bump photos?  How about writing weekly blog post updates?

I started baby bump photos at 8 weeks, but then Craig had surgery and I lost my photographer.  I would like to take semi-regular weekly photos, but I don't foresee weekly blog posts happening.  Hoping for monthly updates instead!

Are you wearing maternity clothes yet?  Weight gain?

No maternity clothes yet, though I've thought more than once about busting out some of my maternity tops!   And I'm up four pounds already!

Do you have names picked out?

I always keep a running list in my phone, but we haven't done anything but toss around a couple here and there.  Craig has a favorite boy name he's been trying to convince me of, but it's hard for me to even think about names until I know the sex of the baby.

Do the boys know?  What do they think?

We talk openly about the baby at home.  Brantley is well-aware, but confused about my lack of baby bump.  There are two visibly pregnant moms at our daycare and he doesn't understand why my baby isn't as noticeable.

What about a nursery?

That is one of the big decisions that needs to be made.  I'm kind of over the nursery we've used for both boys, but knowing Craig, he'll want to keep things practical (read: inexpensive) and use the same nursery if it's a boy.  If it's a girl, we will likely give her our guest bedroom (that has its own bathroom), which means I'd get to design a new PINK nursery.

Is there anything you're nervous about?

Oh you mean, aside from three kids?!  Because let's the honest, that has me slightly terrified. ;)  I am nervous about the labor part.  Although I was induced with Brantley, my time in labor was short - just over six hours from the time my pitocin was started to delivery.  Holden was born about four short hours after my first contraction.  If the trend continues, I could be in labor for under two hours with this third baby.  Not only am I nervous about a roadside delivery, but I need that epidural.  So yeah, I'm slightly scared about that.  I also already mentioned I'm nervous about something going wrong.  Although I know I shouldn't feel this way, I feel like our "luck" with healthy kids is running out and something is bound to go wrong.

So there you go!  All of the details of Babe 3.0.  Got more questions?  Leave them in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them?  And finally, thank you for all the congratulatory wishes--via text, on here, on Instagram, and on Facebook!  It means so much and I'm so excited you all are so excited for us!


  1. This makes me so incredibly happy!!! You have the cutest little family and adding another baby is gonna mke it even cuter. I love that you answered all of those questions. It'll be great to look back on someday, but also helps all of us nosy readers. :) Congrats again friend. I love how you told Craig.

  2. Thanks so much for filling us all in! These are all the questions that I want to know, too. I'm so happy for you! Congrats, again!

  3. I'm with you on all of this...I want a third so badly but it is terrifying to think about. Bunk beds would be so fun for the boys! And a pink nursery?? EEEKK!! Not getting ahead of myself though. ;)

  4. I came from three and think it's so weird when people feel like more than two is "abnormal". so so excited for you!

  5. I loved reading this! I know exactly what you mean about the first being SO different than the third - it doesn't mean you love #3 any less, it's just different! I can't believe you're not showing that much, with #3 I seriously was showing as soon as I peed on the stick, ha! I can't wait to follow along, especially since we are probably done, so I can live vicariously through you :)

  6. Congratulations! How exciting! I come from a family of 3 and all of us are healthy and fine! Though I totally relate to the feeling of "luck" running out! It's on my mind every time we talk about a possible number 3. Congrats again!!!

  7. Congratulations!!! What a fun way to announce too! And a Fall baby is the best. We all have Fall birthdays and it's a lot of fun celebrating.

  8. Awww love all of this :) I have so many comments I want to say about ALL THE THINGS you said. But I don't want to word vomit all over your comment I'll save it for when we eventually meet up ;) I agree with so much...and I don't think you're crazy for having a third! I have 3 siblings and it's the best thing ever...i'm just not sure how my Mom put up with us all...lots of margaritas I think. So glad you're feeling better this go around....that is def the hardest part of being pregnant...and with 2 kids (and husband!) to take care of?! You're super mom!!

  9. I loved hearing all of the details!!! I know it can be a very nervous time but it is also so exciting. I think you will handle having three kiddos very well. I'm going to enjoy following you in your journey through this pregnancy and managing three kiddos. Best of luck and happy happy!

  10. Awww love all of this :) I have so many comments I want to say about ALL THE THINGS you said. But I don't want to word vomit all over your comment I'll save it for when we eventually meet up ;) I agree with so much...and I don't think you're crazy for having a third! I have 3 siblings and it's the best thing ever...i'm just not sure how my Mom put up with us all...lots of margaritas I think. So glad you're feeling better this go around....that is def the hardest part of being pregnant...and with 2 kids (and husband!) to take care of?! You're super mom!!

  11. Loving all the details! I love that you did something fun to tell Craig (unlike me who woke up her hubby at the crack of dawn to look at a pee stick, haha). I can't believe how fast you had both boys. I was about 12 hours with Mila (and it was all completely pain free, thank you epidural) and I am absolutely terrified for labor #2. I can't wait to hear what you're having. I'm so excited for you guys!

  12. I'm glad you are feeling so well! It would certainly be trickier with two little ones and feeling like cr*p. And, too funny at thinking the 2 shirt was because he went poop on the potty. I think that needs a shirt from now on!

  13. Great post with all the popular questions answered! I'm excited for you!

  14. Craig thinking Holden pooped on the toilet, LMAO! Absolutely hilarious!! Love that. So excited for you guys and glad to hear everything has gone really smoothly thus far and you haven't been sick, that is amazing! Try not to worry about 'luck' running out and the health of your baby, worrying does no good, trust me, I know all too well with Claire's pregnancy! But come to find out, Claire actually was a healthier baby than Annie despite all the bumps in my pregnancy so just have faith God's protecting your baby and enjoy this pregnancy! How fun to have a new baby during the holiday season. XOXO! ~ Erin

  15. So, so excited for you guys! It's so funny how pregnancies are so different for different women! With Abbie and with this girl I've had no morning sickness, been so tired, and had constipation like crazy.

    And I can't believe that about the test! Which one was it? We did the verifi and my doctor said if my insurance didn't cover it, all I had to do was call the company and they would drop the price to $100. That's so crazy they would charge $10,000!

    So looking forward to being on maternity leave around the same time as you!!

  16. I loved this with all the details! You were so detailed and pretty much answered any question I could have had. I was mainly nosy about the work situation but really I feel like you have the best of both worlds with having summer off. SO excited for you guys! Also love Craig's reaction to the shirts -- that's amazing!!

  17. Im so happy for you!!! Three is my ideal number of babes and we're still not sure if that will even happen (not that Im in a rush or anything) Youre living the dream :) I had quick progression too and I hear you on the epidural lol. Best of luck Sarah!!!

  18. YEAH!!!! Love this post lady! So excited that you haven't been sick and can't wait to find out boy or girl - even if you have to wait a little longer!!! Cutest little fam ever!

  19. This is the greatest post! I love all the details, and how each was broken down. I'd love to have a post like this someday, but convincing Scott has proven to be much more challenging.
    LOL!! I love how you told Craig, and I love that he kind of botched it up. And then his response!

  20. I love evvvvvvverthing about this! I mean, I literally have 196 things to comment, but I'll try to narrow it down. 1. I'll never forget that walk to your house that day--it makes me so happy! (And Craig's reaction video...that makes me laugh!) 2. GIRL :) 3. You are totally cut out to be a stay-at-home mom. Just do it!!!! ;)

    I'm so excited for Baby Sides #3!!!!!!

  21. Okay, I am dying over Craig’s response and what he thought you were trying to tell him! Hilarious! I am so so so excited for you guys. You’ve got this and will be awesome with three kids!!

  22. I am just so thrilled for you all! What an exciting time!!! Our transition to 1 and 2 was super easy, so a third is definitely in the works for us. But probably not for another year!