Happy Friday!  This is my favorite Friday of know why?  Because at exactly 11:07 today, the school bell rings for the final time this school year and I am free from students FOR THE SUMMER!!  Technically, teachers have to come back on Monday to "check out" but I plan to stroll in late, stroll out early, and take a nice, extended lunch break that day. ;)

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Speaking of teacher stuff, I give multiple choice finals in all of my classes (because hello, no one wants to spend three days grading finals this time of year), but our school district is not lucky enough to have a scan-tron machine.  However, did you know there's an app for that?!  I've been using ZipGrade for three semesters now and it's fabulous!  All I do is input my answer key and then snap a photo of each students' final.  Boom, one class is graded in under 10 minutes!  Fellow teachers, check it out if you give multiple choice tests!

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This tee.  It's the best non-maternity, maternity top.  I found it at Target a week ago, bought two, and went back a few days later for two more!  And I may or may not have worn one four out of the five days this week!  Note: They're on clearance right now online, but there are limited colors and sizes available.  Another note: why can't they make these in fun, summery colors?!

| three |

I started taking baby bump photos at 8 weeks (photos on Instagram - @sarahbsides), but then my photographer (hubby) went down for the count...and I know better than to ask him to hobble up the stairs for a picture.   I'm 13 weeks today but I haven't gotten a photo since 10 (pssst the bump has grown!).  Problem solved.  I order this tripod from Amazon and it should arrive on my front doorstep tomorrow!  Speaking of baby bump photos, as recommended by Brittany, I am using the Baby Pics app to add the weeks to my photos.  It's the cutest app with so many fun graphics!

| four |

My hair is getting long (for me, anyway) and I don't hate it for once, but my hair is so straight and fine that long hair = stringy hair.  I've been attempting to curl it with my flat iron and although I'm no pro, I am improving little by little.  Turns out, my $15 flat iron from Target (on Amazon here) is good enough!

| five |

And finally, last summer I challenged myself to take at least one DSLR photo of each of the boys each week.  Here are a few of my favorites.

This summer, one of my fellow KC bloggers, Megan at Crazy Bananas is hosting a 30-day photo challenge throughout the entire month of June.  As if that's not enough for this self-proclaimed mamarazzi, the challenge will include daily inspiration, tips, giveaways, and prizes.  And did I mention it's FREE?!  I couldn't sign up fast enough and I think you should join the challenge, too!  (Or not...because then I'll have a better change at the prizes!)

Go here for more info and to sign up!

Happy Friday, friends, and happy last day of school to many of the local teachers!!

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  1. Happy Last Day of school!! I really like the idea of doing one pic of each kid each week with the DSLR..I've been meaning to dust mine off so I might attempt this! Or if I"m feeling crazy the challenge...eeek.

  2. Those are some great photos! Do you shoot in Manual? Happy weekend!

  3. That top from Target is really cute! Bummed that not many colors are left - I'll have to stop by the store and see if they have any! I don't want to spend much more money on maternity clothes this time around since this will be our last baby, so anything non-maternity that I can fit this little bump into is key!! Your hair sounds exactly like mine. If I put my hair in hot rollers, it holds up, but otherwise my hair looks a mess if I try to curl it. I haven't tried with my flat iron, but I'm sure it would be a disaster, haha. Those photos are all absolutely gorgeous! I really need to make a point to get out my DSLR more! Have a great weekend, Sarah!

  4. That challenge sounds so fun!! And love your pics on Instagram, that app is amazing!

  5. Wahoo!! School's Out For Summer!! You made it. :) I hope your last day was great and you get to enjoy the weekend. Have a great one.

  6. So excited for Megan's photo challenge! And happy summer to youuuuuuu! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  7. Happy Summer! That app looks so handy! I love the fit of the Target shirt, and I'm a sucker for stripes :)

  8. YAY for summer!!!! Omg I'm so happy for you and so excited for you! And also so jealous of you LOL.
    Also, I love those Target shirts! You find the cutest things. I need to check those out!

  9. Did you lighten your hair or is that just the bathroom light playing tricks on my eyes? I curl my hair with my flat iron too it takes getting used to but I like the look! I want to see more bump pics, yay!!!

  10. Those tops are super cute!! And I want the one you had on today too! We're going to have identical wardrobes before long ;) And hooray for SUMMER! Let the fun begin!!!!

  11. I was wondering where you got that t-shirt! It's adorable and so perfect - wondering if my huge belly would fit in it? :) Love the baby bump pics already! Happy summertime!!!!

  12. I'm going to sign up for the photo challenge. I hope I can pull it off! Happy end of the school year to you! Where do you teach?

  13. I have fine hair too (although not straight) and I find that dry shampoo and volumizing powder help a ton!

    Shandy @ HappyMeetsHome

  14. I hope you have a wonderful Summer Break! XOXO
    If you like those shirts, check TJ Maxx. They have a ton of non-maternity shirts in that style for really cheap!

  15. Zipgrade sounds awesome!!! That Baby Pics App keeps showing up in my IG feed as a ‘suggested’ post and it looks so neat. I will have to download that if we’re blessed with a 2nd baby. Your hair looks great! Those photos are all great!!