Friday Night Fun with our Patina Fire Pit

Way back when, before Craig's knee surgery, we enjoyed ourselves a nice, relaxing, Friday night around our new fire pit.

The fire pit, proudly displaying our favorite collegiate sports team(s) and manufactured by Patina Products, is one Craig has been talking about wanting for a couple of years now, but here's the deal - we could never agree on a team.  Craig, the KU fan, suggested we order the Iowa version, since being an Iowa fan is less of the norm in Kansas.  I, however, told him he should order the KU version, seeing the fire pit was more of "his" thing than mine.

Fast forward a couple of years and one brilliant idea later, we asked Patina to make us a house-divided version.  And they agreed!  The first of its doing?  Who knows!  The awesomest?  You betcha!

The fire pit arrived in mid-March, less than one week after placing our order, though it was over a month before we got to test it out!  (Thanks, wind, and local burn-bans!)  When the weather finally decided to cooperate, we passed on our typical Friday night dinner of Chipotle and decided to do a family cookout instead!

The included BBQ grill was perfect for roasting some weenies.

And the boys loved the college logos!!

Of course, we couldn't let the fire pit opportunity pass without indulging in some s'mores. 

After putting the boys to bed, we enjoyed some more quality time around the fire pit with our neighbors and a few adult beverages, of course (NA for me!).  It made for the perfect Friday-night-in and we can't wait to do it again soon!


As the for quality of our fire pit, we are very pleased and love the personalization it offers.  Shipping was crazy fast and included in the cost was a poker, a BBQ grill, a spark screen, and a weather cover.  Customer service was superb and Patina also offers a five-year warranty on all of their fire pits.  Check out their classic fire pits here and their collegiate collection here.

Special Features of Patina Fire Pits:
(via their website)

A natural rust patina finish that ages beautifully over time

A portable design that allows easy transportation of the fire pit

A safety ring surrounding the fire pit that also functions as a footrest and handle

Manufactured from cold-rolled steel for years of durability

 Sturdy legs welded in place to prevent wobbling

Comes fully-assembled and ready to use

And good news for anyone in the market for a new fire pit.  Patina has agreed to give my readers a 10% discount on any fire pit of your choosing.  You must place your order over the phone and all you have to do is mention my blog. ;)  The discount will be honored for 45 days from today - so that makes July 3 the last day to receive the discount!  This would make for a perfect Father's Day gift...which is only four weekends from this weekend!!!!!!!

*Disclaimer: I received a discounted fire pit in exchange for an honest blog review.  However, all opinions are my own.


  1. Holy cow that fire pit is amazing!! We need a new one since we moved and our old was we built into the ground. I am totally going to check this out. My hubby would love it. I love all that it comes with to make it more versitile. Great choice lady!

  2. That is so cool!! I love how you put both teams on there!! This would make a great father's day gift!

  3. Oh I LOVE the house divided one! So, so cute. You will get so much use from it!


  4. Love the firepit and the two logos! Go Hawkeyes! My mom is a Hawkeye :)

  5. What a great idea! There's nothing like a summer evening around the fire, and it's even better when it doubles as a grill!

  6. Love that firepit! I am ready to enjoy some evenings around ours. Love that you guys were able to get both of your teams on it! So awesome. And smores are a definite must! You got some really great pictures!!

  7. I've seen these before and think they are SO cool!!
    When Scott and I first started dating (and lived in KC), he had a fire pit that we used to sit around till the wee hours enjoying cocktails and just chatting. It's been ages since we've done that, and this fire pit would be so cool to spark (see what I did there?) tradition again - but with less cocktails and earlier bedtimes (because, kids).

  8. Very cool fire pit! The boys looked like they were having a blast!

  9. What an awesome fire pit! Love that they customized it for y'all!

  10. This is SO awesome!!! I've never seen anything like it before and think it's perfect that you were able to get a house divided one. I wish we had a fire pit... but it's probably better that we don't because otherwise I'd have smores every night!

  11. Love that fire pit and love that they made a house divided one for you! Perfect. This would be a great father's day gift.

  12. Love the fire pit and I also love that you cooked hot dogs on it plus smores!! What a fun fun night with lots more in the summer and fall to come too :)