Furnished New House Photos

As promised, some updated house photos!  We still have nothing on the walls, except for in the boys' bedrooms.  It's tough deciding what to put where and it's hard nailing holes in brand new walls.  So our picture frames sit and wait for me to decide...

But most of the boxes have been emptied for a few weeks now.  Which is a great feeling!  The basement is another story, but it, too, will improve over time.  For now, we are really enjoying the extra space and updated features!

The view upon entering from the front door...

Look to the left and this is what you see.  Our dining room turned playroom.  We had plans to fill this space with a farmhouse table, but now we can't decide.  It's sort of nice having the extra room for toys.  Any advice would be appreciated!

Looking straight after entering the front door.

The kitchen.

A view from one side of the kitchen to another.

And looking back at the dining room play room.

Looking from the kitchen to the hallway off the garage and the main floor bathroom.

Furnished covered deck.

Looking from the kitchen to living room.

Brantley's sports-themed room.

Holden's nursery.


Guest bedroom.

Guest bathroom.


Master bedroom.

Master bath.

I hope you enjoyed the update!  Until next time!



  1. Such a beautiful home!! It looks amazing with what you have done so far, and I love your kitchen! :)

  2. LOVE!!! Everything looks perfect. This is exactly what I'm hoping for if/when we can ever move back to KC.
    Just by the backyard view, it looks like something in southwestern JoCo..?An area we adore and hope to one day call home, too!

  3. Your home looks beautiful! I'm kind of obsessed with your kitchen bar! I saw it in other pictures as well and it's just the perfect look and color!