Train and More Trains (and a Few Other Winter Break Photos, Too!)

What an amazing break it's been.  I am so grateful for the two weeks off I had to relax, catch up on a few things (blog posts), and spend with the boys.  I also love that my hubby's job is pretty lax this time of year so we got to spend lots of stress-free, let's-not-think-about-work time together as a family and do a few things we don't normally do.  Chuck E. Cheese, for instance.  And Cosmic Jump.  And lunch dates (with kids, obviously) to Wendy's and Fritz's.  And yesterday - Union Station.  We had never been other than one exhibit (me) and walking through before and after a marathon.  But since Brantley has been loving trains lately and is old enough to appreciate a trip there, we packed up and headed downtown.  

First up, a train he could actually ride!  He was a little apprehensive at first, but quickly got over any fears and cheesed it up for the camera each time he passed by!

After riding the train, we went into the train museum.  Brantley, again, loved what Union Station had to offer!  He even made some random friends and followed them around, checking out the trains with them! 

After making our way through the train museum and playing with Legos for awhile, I bribed Brantley another train ride for a couple of pictures with Holden.  Union Station is just too picturesque to not take some adorable photos.  They turned out okay.  And I thought it was hard to get good photos of one kid...

Before we left, we decided to snap some photos in front of the Christmas tree.  I was going to take one of Craig and the boys, and then he was going to take one of me, but instead a random passerby offered to take one of the four of us so I happily accepted.  Turns out, the guy acted like he'd never touched a camera before.  It took him about 11 tries to get this one photo, which ended up being a blurry (on auto setting).  Oh well.  It was the thought that counted.

In keeping with the train theme, we then headed to Fritz's at Crown Center a few blocks away for lunch.

After that, we got frozen custard, of course.  A must for us every time we go to Crown Center.

And that concluded our day downtown and my last day of winter break (minus the final weekend) this year.  Like I said earlier, it was an amazing break and I look forward to my next one!  Here are a few more photos to show what else we've done!

Cosmic Jump
Entertaining our house guests who stayed her en route back home to Texas

NYE grocery shopping

A night out with friends in Wichita.

Chuck E. Cheese

The two of them playing together on New Years morning

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