3-Day Weekend (Including B's First Dentist Appointment)

Do you ever have one of those weekends that you just don't want to end because it was so great?  Yeah, that was my weekend this weekend.  Three day weekends are always nice.  60-degree three-day weekends in January are even better.  The highlight of my weekend was definitely the weather, but also the little guy turned 9 months old, we visited a few open houses, and Craig and I had a day date on the Plaza.  To top it off, I had an extra day off today for MLK Jr. Day and soaked up every extra minute with my growing boys!

Saturday was pretty low-key.  It started with an eye appointment (for me) and then we stopped by some open houses, which is always super fun in my opinion!

Since the weather forecast for Sunday was so nice, we decided to schedule our Segway tour (yeah that one I gave Craig for his birthday back in September).  Well, two minutes before we got there, the guy called and said he couldn't get the segways to work (due to the recent cold weather or something).  Since we had a babysitter, we weren't about to turn around and go home, so Craig and I decided to hang out on the Plaza for a few hours...something we rarely ever do!  We shopped, had Bloody Marys, ate lunch (pig wings from Gram & Dun - ummmm yum!), and enjoyed the rays of Vitamin D.  It was fabulous and we ended by saying "We really need to do this more often!"

Later that afternoon, Craig took Holden on his first run and Brantley and I met them at the dog park.  A January day at the dog park is always refreshing for everyone!

Today started with Holden's 9-month well-baby check and then we went to get Brantley a haircut.  We spent a few hours at home (and played outside) and then it was time for Brantley's first dentist appointment.  He did fabulously.  He was very calm and cooperative.  Both the hygienist and dentist were very impressed.  I mean, what can I say, things have always been smooth-sailing with that kid!


So naturally, we went to get ice cream afterwards. :)

What a fabulous weekend it was!  I'm already looking forward to the next one, and especially my next long weekend (luckily it's only 1 1/2 weeks away!).


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  1. Just seeing little snippets of the Plaza make me miss KC even more. What an absolutely perfect way to spend a weekend!