Holden's First KU Game

Last Saturday, we attended our first college football game in two years!  Two years!  Totally unlike us as we usually make it to at least one Iowa and one KU game.  We decided we would make it to a KU game this year, at the very least, especially since we knew Brantley would love it.  We got tickets with our KU-fan neighbors Bill and Alli, who also have two boys, James and Matthew (ages 2 and almost 4).  We decided on a non-conference game, in hopes of nice weather and for the fact that we might actually see a win. :)

We headed to Lawrence around 10am for the 2:30 game.  After not attending a college football game for two years, we wanted to be certain to experience the whole shebang, tailgating and all.  We met up with some of Craig's co-workers, who didn't take the whole tailgating thing lightly.  Walking tacos, beer pong, and not one, but two big screen t.v.s. (at which one point, aired the Hawkeyes and the Royals!).  There were also multiple kids, which was awesome for Brantley's (and Mommy and Daddy's) sake. 

We did have one major scare when Brantley disappeared.  It happened in a matter of seconds.  Literally.  I realized he was missing, but knew he couldn't have gone into the street because we were lining the sidewalk.  Still though, major panic set in.  We started hollering for him and searching frantically.  Within minutes, our friend Bill had multiple tailgates searching.  Then, Craig remembered that a minute before, one of the other kids had told him he was going to the bathroom.  At the time, Craig didn't realize why the kid was telling him, but later realized it was because Brantley was going with.  Craig ran inside and low and behold, there was Brantley with these two other kids.  Doing absolutely nothing wrong.  I'm sure he was confused as to why we were so worried...and why Mommy was crying...but all was well with the world again and it made us realize how quickly something truly terrifying can happen.  Now when we ask Brantley "Remember that time we lost you?"  he says, "Bathroom...downstairs."  

In comparison to that, the rest of the day was pretty low key.  Thankfully.  Brantley was in awe at the football game, both boys behaved very well, and hey, KU even won!  The biggest challenge was probably trying to get James, Matthew, and Brantley to all cooperate for one picture.  It only took eight tries...

It was a fun fall Saturday and we look forward to going again soon!


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  1. Love that last picture and so jealous you got to go! It's been too long since I've been to a home game there!