Holden Beckett: 5 Months Old!

It's {almost} officially fall and I have a five-month old.  Something doesn't seem right about that, but I'll take it!  Despite going through this before, you forgot how quickly these little babes' personalities blossom.  Some days, I still look at you as a newborn, but then I remember you're nearly one-half of a year old already and I'm blown away!  Your older age has brought about two things: more happiness and more fussiness.  When you're happy, you're extra happy and you give us the biggest smiles and squeals!  But because you're more aware than ever before, you're also more fussy.  You hate being ignored, let alone being left alone in the living room while I run to another location in the house.  A few times, we've wondered if your fussiness was teething-related, but no teeth have popped through just yet.  Overall, you're still a super happy, easy-going, go-with-the-flow kind of kid and more fun than ever!

The past month didn't bring anything major.  Just some laid-back, end-of-summer weekends and regular days at daycare.  You've been at daycare now for six weeks and you have adjusted nicely.  According to Miss Stephanie, you had one bad (fussy) day, and otherwise you're a piece of cake!  You love Miss Stephanie's son, Dalton, and the rest of the kids at daycare still love you to pieces. 

In accordance to our pediatrician's recommendation (because I know some doctors say to wait until a little older now), we attempted rice cereal at about 4 1/2 months old over Labor Day weekend.  You weren't real interested and we didn't force it on you, but we've attempted a few more times since.  Still no major interest and that's okay, we'll keep trying!

Though most things are easier (and more relaxed) than second time around, the comparison part can be hard.  I equate certain things with Brantley with the time of the year it happened (for instance, I know we fed him cereal for the first time around Thanksgiving).  Therefore, I just assume it will be the same, and as a result, I think of you as much younger than you actually are!  We also have to remind ourselves not to compare your development to his.  Brantley crawled for the first time around 5.5 months, which I know is super early, but it's hard when you're still so far from that milestone.  However, comparisons can be fun at the same time and I'm so glad to have written down every little detail with Brantley.  I always go back and read his monthly updates before I write yours and ironically, there are quite a few similarities!  For instance, you're eating the exact same quantity he was at five months old, your bedtimes are the same, and like Brantley at five months, you just started grabbing at your bottle and directing it into your mouth.  You both recognized your name around five months of age and we switched you each to a regular sleepsack (instead of a swaddler) this past month.

We thought this month you had given up your pacifier.  You went weeks without it and seemed to refuse it whenever we tried to give it to you.  But then one day, Brantley randomly gave it to you and you accepted.  Either way, you're not addicted to it, which is great!  However, you are a thumb-chewer!  It could be due to teething, but you seem to gnaw on it with your back gums instead of front, so who knows!  Recently, you also love chewing/sucking on your toes.  One of the many cute things I love about you!

When you were first born, five months seemed like such a long ways away, so we planned a mini Vegas getaway with friends.  I didn't think I'd have any issues leaving you by five months old, but as the time draws nearer, I know I'm going to cry like a baby when I have to say good-bye.  Nonetheless, we'll have a great time and a kid-free weekend is just what we need, though it definitely won't be easy.

Love you to pieces, Stinker, Little Stinks, Little Mister, and all the other random nicknames I call you!


5-Month Update:

Size - No well-baby check this month and I haven't even had time to think about a trip to Mommy & Me, let alone actually go, so I have no idea!

Words - Lots of baby talk and squeals.

Activity - We brought the bouncer up from the basement and you've enjoyed sitting in that.  You still enjoy laying under your play gym, swinging, and sitting in your Bumbo.  You don't hate tummy time as much anymore since you lift your head and look around while on your belly.  You enjoy watching your mom, dad, and big brother Brantley move about our business and especially enjoy being talked to.

Food - You eat 6 ounces five to six times per day - all formula.

Sleep - You sleep about eight to nine hours each night.  Naps are more regular now, though by regular I mean a morning nap, an afternoon nap, and usually a third short nap on the way home from daycare. 

Bedtime/Waketime - We put you to bed around 8 or 9 each night, usually around when we put Brantley to bed.  You usually close your eyes and fall asleep...I can't remember the last time you fought bedtime. *Knock on wood*  You've been waking earlier than you used to, usually around 5am, but sometimes as early as 4am.  When you awake at 4am, we close your door (and ours) and let you fuss yourself back to sleep because come on, 4am is just too early when we know you will sleep longer!  Sometimes you are hungry immediately upon waking, other times you aren't. 

Hair - I didn't realize how much your hair has lightened since you were born until I compared your 5-month photo to your 1-month photo!  Much lighter and much less of it. :)

Eyes - Bright blue

Teeth - None

Wardrobe - Pretty true to size, 3-6 month clothing.

Diapers - Size 2

Likes - Being talked to, being held, being sung to (this includes the "Let's Go Royals" chant), Mommy, Daddy, and Brantley.

Dislikes - Being hungry, tired, and hot.

Mommy's Fave - I love your chubby little cheeks!  I also love the smile you give me on those rare days that I pick you up from daycare.

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