We're Cool Like That!

Yesterday was a big day for Mill Valley!  We were selected as KCTV5's "Cool School" of the week!  What's that mean?  Well, for starters KCTV5 was at Mill Valley for live broadcasts from 5am to 8am!  Which means....we had to be at school at 4:45am!  Which means...I had to get up at 3:30am!  I'm not sure I've EVER set my alarm for that early--not even when our plane left at 6am for our honeymoon!  I was so freaked out about sleeping through my alarm that I woke up periodically all night long.  After waking up at 3:15, I decided another 15 minutes wasn't worth it, so I got up!  Luckily, the local coffee shop opened extra early for us (thank you Country Club Cafe...you're not as good as Starbucks, but I appreciate your efforts).

The morning was a blast!  Not only did the students show up in full force at such an early time, but they exhibited such great school spirit and pride.  Everyone (including teachers) who showed up early received a free t-shirt and got a free pancake breakfast from Chris Cake's.  (Who doesn't love free stuff?)  Student Council planned such a fun morning, full of Minute-to-Win-It-like games and contests.  I competed versus some students (and tied for the win) in trying to shoot a pyramid of cups over with a nerf dart gun. :)  The teachers tried to pull off a dance flash mob to "Jump on It", but the kids took it upon themselves to come to the gym floor and dance with us, so it didn't work as planned.  The news lady interviewed multiple extracurricular activities from our school, each which represented the Jags in such a positive way. 

It truly was a morning I won't forget for awhile.  Probably one of my best experiences since starting with the district five years ago.  Go Jags!

Here are some photos I snapped with my cell phone.

Math co-worker Kristen

KCTV5 news lady

Yes we are!

I found this game comical

Erica and I with JJ the mascot

Dance party
Be sure to check out the video clips on KCTV5's website.

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