Chiefs vs. Vikings

Now for this weekend!  We headed to Arrowhead for a perfect day of tailgating, friends, food, and football!  I say a perfect day, but in all honesty, it was a little warm for October.  When we bought the tickets in early summer, I was just hoping it'd be warm enough to enjoy the day....little did I know I'd come home sweaty and sunburnt!  I guess a little color is nice again...

What started as a mini tailgate with just a few of us turned into a pretty big deal!  I think we had about 15 tailgaters, plus some of the randoms in the parking space next to us who joined in on all the fun.  Three of Craig's friends even came from Wichita.  We cooked up some omelets, bacon, and sausage and had plenty of other tailgate snacks!  Everyone was quite impressed with the bag omelets!  Yum yum.

I was excited for the Vikings.  Not because I'm a fan of the team, but because one of my favorite Hawkeye players of all time plays for them - Chad Greenway!  (See pics below)  Yay for the former hawkeyes!  

My cookies - footballs, jerseys, and Christmas trees Arrowheads

Early morning - Brian needed a nap.  Complete with the grill cover blanket.

Maddox's first Chiefs game

He's too cute not to take photos of!

Craig and Jay

Me and the hubs

The boys

There he is - #52.

My camera has some pretty great zoom!

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