T.Swift & Pumpkin Decorating

I'm a week behind here.  I honestly don't have a good excuse, other than laziness!  But better late than never!  Last weekend was the fabulous Taylor Swift concert at Arrowhead!  If you remember, the concert was announced way back in February!  I talked a few friends into going, and though, none were big fans like me, I was happy we got tickets!  We were among about 45,000 screaming teenage girls and their moms.  I did not care though!  I love Taylor Swift and am not ashamed to admit it!  We took some snacks and "tailgated" pre-concert.  We figured other people would have the same idea, but I guess when you're ten years old, that's not exactly how you think.  The concert was great!  She sang for over 2 hours and it was very entertaining.  And the best part?  No run-ins with students!

Bad angle, let's try this again

Much better - Allison, Kristen, Katie, and Rebecca

Myself and Allison

The group...we love us some boots!  (Poor Rebecca didn't get the memo)

Look at all those peeps

Yes, we were about as high as you could go!

On Sunday, I got together with some friends and painted pumpkins!  Much easier than carving and they will last longer!  Thanks for Alissa for organizing and buying the supplies!  It was a fun afternoon with the girls!

Wine while you decorate?  Yes, please!

Love the polkadots!

The big reveal

Such focus


The pumpkin photo opp

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