Weekend Trip to South Carolina

This past weekend, the hubs and I took a trip to Greenville, SC to visit my cousin Brad and his girlfriend Lindsay.  We flew out on Thursday afternoon and into Charlotte, NC.  (It's about an hour and 15 minute drive from Greenville.)  Lindsay was scheduled to pick us up, but we could not find her!  After numerous phone conversations, we realized we were at different airports...she was at Greenville, we were at Charlotte.  Lol!  Despite the two texts that confirmed we were flying into CHARLOTTE, Brad told Lindsay to go to Greenville.  Oops!  We didn't mind...it sure makes for a funny story!

In the meantime, we needed something to do.  We had already left the airport and there was no way back in.  We caught a shuttle to a local Sheraton hotel and hoped to have a few drinks at the bar.  After realizing the "bar" wasn't exactly a bar, but a lobby, we wheeled our luggage across the street to the bar and grill McKoy's.  (Can't you picture us wheeling our luggage across a busy street?  Yep, we were that awesome.)  The restaurant was the local hangout for Harley-riding folk and Nascar fans....it was classy, let me tell ya!  We enjoyed a few beers and had a fun time chatting with the locals.

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out, chillin' at Brad's pool, playing mini gold at Freddie's Fun Park, and visiting downtown Greenville (super cute area!).  We even had a bonfire on Friday night because it was so cold (ok, like 60 degrees but that's cold for July!). 

Brad thought his Sweet Baby Rays bbq sauce was one-of-a-kind...until we told him we all use the same thing!

This weird bug thing on the way back from the pool..."What even are you?!"

Downtown Greenville park

Cool suspension bridge...suspended by only cables, right Lindsay? =)

We didn't even plan to dress alike!

Random hula hooping in the park

It's hard to tell, but the boys ordered martinis to match their shirts!  Lol!

Bloody Mary w/ shrimp??  Yes please!

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