Happy 1st Anni to My Hubby!

This past weekend, the hubs and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary.  It's hard to believe it's been an entire year since the best day of our lives!  I will cherish our wedding day memories forever and am still very thankful for our friends and family that traveled near and far to be here on 07.10.10.  Thanks for making our day so amazing!

Our wedding party, all of who traveled to come to our KC wedding!  Thanks guys!

It's been a wonderful first year of marriage!  I feel very blessed to have the husband that I do.  He does far more around the house than me (he cleans, does laundry, does yard work, and walks our dog the majority of the time....among other things) and I'm very lucky for that.  He also works very hard at his job so that we can enjoy things like vacations and dinners out (and my shopping habits).  He's always very supportive of me no matter what I do.  I'm definitely one lucky girl!  I love you hubby and look forward to the years to come!

Now for our anniversary weekend...

On Saturday morning, we went and had a couples massage at Ultimate Escape Day Spa in Overland Park.  The place was just okay, but the massages were great!  Lucky for Craig, they massaged our butts just like they did on our honeymoon.  That's all he talks about when we reminisce about our honeymoon massages and he was hoping they'd do the same in Kansas!

After our massages, we grabbed some lunch at the Right Bite and headed home.  Since I was still on Hawaii time (5 hours difference) and exhausted, I took a nap while he mowed the yard.

Later that evening, we went to dinner at La Bodega.  It is a tapas restaurant that I've wanted to try for awhile now.  (Tapas = a fancy word for appetizer and appetizers are my fave, so this is definitely my kind of place!)  We had two chilled and two hot tapas.  Everything was so good!  When our waiter found out we were celebrating our anniversary, he brought us a free dessert.  It was a wonderful anniversary dinner!

I made Craig take a photo before we left with our tripod =)

The hubs at dinner

Me at dinner

First tapa - cold salmon on flatbread with goat cheese, cucumber, capers, and some really good sauce

Second tapa - roasted red pepper with ahi tuna and rice

Third tapa - fried artichokes, yum!

Last tapa - crepes with feta cheese and some other good stuff, our fave!

Cheers-ing our sangria, a recommendation by our waiter and boy, was it good!  Better than the mojitos even!

Free dessert - churros

After dinner, we headed home to eat our cake.  (Yes our second dessert of the night!)  I had some pretty high hopes for it since it was the best cake I've ever eaten, but was a little nervous about it being a year old!  It definitely didn't let me down!!  It tasted exactly like it did a year ago, very moist and great flavor!  Kudos to our cake baker, Kristin!  I will look for any excuse to order a cake from you in the future!
This was the cake a year ago after I wrapped it for the freezer.  It was also in a box which was wrapped in foil.

This was all the packaging after I unwrapped it last week!

Yesterday was our actual anniversary and we pretty much just laid low.  We slept in until 11 (that NEVER happens--still on HI time, I tell ya!), went to the pool for about an hour and again, took a nap or two!  For dinner last night, we grilled steaks and had baked potatoes and tomato-mozzarella salad.  And of course, a huge slice of cake!  It was the perfect anniversary weekend!

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