This Week

I'm still mad at Blogger for deleting the majority of my Maui post.  And I haven't mustered up the energy the re-write it...yet.  (I will, I promise.  Even if it's 6 months late...)  So instead, I'll tell you about my week!  Despite the heat, it has been great! What to see what I've accomplished?

Monday: Pool time and lunch with Jamie and Maddox.  It was great catching up!  Tried a new recipe for dinner--fish tacos!  Yum yum!
Tilapia fish tacos--recipe, anyone?

Tuesday: Lunch with an old co-worker who is back in town (and some current co-workers as well)!  Tried new recipe #2--steak and hummus pitas--and made some delicious strawberry frozen yogurt pops.  I also organized my random stack of recipes stashed in my cupboard (i.e. the ones printed from the Internet and torn from magazines).
Steak and hummus pitas - SO good!

My cute little recipe binder

Wednesday: Breakfast with some co-workers and the Farmer's Market!  Also my first trip to Trader Joe's...on the Missouri side, of course, so I could buy some of their famous 2-buck chuck ($2.99 wine)!
First ever Trader Joe purchases!

Farmer's Market goods

On the schedule for the rest of the week:

Thursday: First attempt at making cake pops for Erica's birthday celebration this weekend.  Maybe a batch of zucchini bread, too!

Friday: I agreed to go to Jazzercise class with Jamie at (gasp) 5:30 a.m.!!!!! (Yikes, I know.)  After a nap, Katie's coming over to help decorate the cake pops!

These are all the fun things, anyway.  I've done my fair share of homework, too. =(  Some of which even made me cry (haha, yes I can laugh at myself now).  Stupid grammar and writing are gonna be the death of me!!!

This weekend is Erica's 30th birthday!  To celebrate, we're going to Hermann, MO for a girls' weekend!  It should be a ton of fun!!

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  1. Fish tacos need to be topped with a peach-mango salsa...