Tis the Season

This weekend was a busy one!  Saturday morning I headed to school at 6:00 a.m. for our annual Cheer & Dance Festival (a competition we host every November).  Despite the earlier-than-normal start to the day, it was a HUGE success.  The Silver Stars performed a total of four team routines and got Division I ratings on three of the four.  In addition, we got the award for "Best Technique" which is pretty big!  The girls bring solos, duets, and small ensembles to compete with as well...many Division I ratings there too!  I recorded our team routines, but of course can't get them to upload.  I'll keep trying!

Saturday night I decided we needed to take a picture for our Christmas cards.  Quite the challenge to set the timer AND get a dog to look at the camera when the picture snaps.  I think we took about 20 total, and ended up with a few good shots.  Here are a few of the "bloopers". =)

 Whatcha doing Daddy?
 Maybe Mommy wants some kisses.

 Wait-what's that over there?
 I see a bone they're trying to bribe me with.  Yum yum!
 Oh fine, I guess I'll look at the camera.

We also decided it was time to put our Christmas tree up!  Like I said before, we both LOVE Christmastime!  Yes, we realize that it's not yet Thanksgiving...but why go to all the work of decorating, only to take it down less than four weeks later?!  After digging our old tree out of the basement, we decided to splurge on a new one.  Last year, we used a hand-me-down from Craig's mom--which was great--but this year we wanted one a little nicer.  We found a great, $250, 7.5 foot tree at Target...and even got it on sale for $175...not too shabby!  We had a lot of fun decorating Saturday night while listening to some Christmas tunes and drinking a bottle of wine.

 Me in the Christmas tree box.

 Finished product!
  Stockings are hung!

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