Goodbye Halloween, Hello Christmas!

It's official--all of our Halloween decorations are down, which means one thing...the Christmas decorations are coming up!  I LOVE Christmas season!  It's true--I've already been listening to Christmas music for an entire week and got really excited when Starbucks switched to their holiday cups last week.  Tonight at 8:30, we were bored and decided to put our first tree up!  (I'm lucky to have a husband who enjoys the Christmas season as much as I do!)  It's not our "main" tree; rather it's a smaller, sports-themed tree for our basement.  Still a Christmas tree though complete with Iowa and KU lights! 

In other news, our main-floor bathroom is coming along well!  Craig got the tiling done this weekend and we ordered a vanity towards the end of last week.  Here's a picture of what it will look like, except we're getting a vessel sink for it and the counter top will be different.  We're hoping it's here soon!

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