Feels Like Winter

Maybe it was the dreary, cloudy day.  Maybe it was the fact that I wore a coat for only the second time this year.  Maybe it's the snowflakes that are hung along the light posts on Shawnee-Mission Parkway, or the fact that it's dark by 5:30!  Whatever it is, it feels like winter!!  Ready or not, it's headed this way.  I think they're even talking snowflakes on Monday!  Though I despise cold weather,  I can deal with it for awhile.  It definitely adds to the whole "Holiday Spirit".  I'm ready for the holidays, ready to Christmas shop, and definitely ready for SNOW DAYS!!  Such a great time of the year!

Here are a couple of fun videos!  These crack me up EVERY year!  The holiday season is not complete until you Elf Yourself!

Video #1
Video #2

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