Saving Some Serious Moolah with Wikibuy

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Hi, friends!  Just popping in for some old fashion sharing of a good deal!  Raise your hand if you enjoy saving money.


That's what I thought.  Have you heard of the website Wikibuy?  I hadn't either until about a month ago.  

What is it, you ask?  Wikibuy operates as a website and Chrome extension that finds you the best deals across the web on products you love!  Wikibuy does not sell the products; they do, however, match you with the best prices on the products you are going to purchase anyway!

Here's how you can use Wikibuy to help save you money:
(I'll demonstrate a few of the options below.)

1 // Use Wikibuy to compare prices when shopping

2 // Use Wikibuy to find and apply coupon codes from hundreds of retailers.  Retailers like my faves --> Target and Old Navy! 🙌🙌🙌

3 // Use Wikibuy to get credit back on purchases.  (I assume this option is similar to Ebates, but I haven't specifically looked into it.)

4 // Use Wikibuy to notify you when prices drop.

Consider Wikibuy your online personal shopping assistant.  It's easy.  And free.  Check the 60-second video at this link for an explanation better than what I can give. 😉

Now, let me demonstrate a few of the money-saving options.

First up, Amazon.  It's 2018.  We all do a ton of shopping on Amazon, amiright?  When shopping on Amazon, Wikibuy will compare their price with prices across the web.  Take this swimsuit for example.  The Wikibuy extension will verify that Amazon has the lowest price on this suit.  If they do not, Wikibuy will direct you to the website with lowest price, and I believe, Wikibuy factors in shipping (or Prime lack of shipping) costs.  You can also add the item to your Watchlist, allowing you to watch for deals and sales on that specific item.  Genius, right?!

Also, don't you totally want this suit now?  Here's the link to buy for anyone interested.

Super cool, but those options aren't even my favorite part of Wikibuy.  You guys--Wikibuy helped me save over $100 when shopping at!  Allow me to demonstrate. 

Here's my GAP cart before Wikibuy.  $239 and some change.  

The Wikibuy extension will prompt you to 'try codes' and once you do, Wikibuy will test several available coupons codes and find you the best deal on what you are going to buy anyway!  Here's a screenshot of Wikibuy working its magic.

And *drumroll please* here is my cart after Wikibuy.  $132 and five cents.  That's over $100 in savings!!

Sure, I probably could have Googled the same coupon codes, but let's be real, how often does one actually do that?!  Plus, when I'm ready to checkout, I usually have to do it quickly before my conscience kicks in and tells me I don't need all. the. things. after all.

Wikibuy also offers shopping directly from their website and you can add a credit card to get a percentage back whenever you purchase from one of their featured brands; however, I haven't explored either option in depth yet.

Are you convinced?  If you're interested in saving yourself some serious money, download the Wikibuy Chrome extension --> here <-- and happy shopping!

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