An Ode to My Mini {Van}

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It's true what they say, minivans. are. amazing!! 🙌🙌

We were definitely "those people" who said they would "never, ever" drive a minivan.  Yet here we are, three kids and one Toyota Sienna later and you know what?  I reeeeeeally love my van!

I mean, the sliding doors, the space, the cup holders, the sliding doors, the DVD player, did I mention the sliding doors?  Just the other day, I was at Sonic contemplating how to squeeze my size 8 body out of a size 2 space when I decided to climb over the console and out the sliding doors.  Genius.  And not a scratch or dent on my pretty little Sienna.

Did you know my van can comfortably fit eight passengers?!  It has a "jump seat," as they call it, which is an eighth seat that can be quickly and easily installed/uninstalled between the two middle row seats.  And what I really mean by quickly and easily - even mom can do it; no dad required!  Let me tell you, those eight seats have come in mighty handy when we, alongside our best neighbor friends, are responsibly making plans and there's only one pregnant DD.  Minivan for. the. win.  (By the way, when not in use, the jump seat straps in nicely in the back of the van.  Out of sight = out of mind.)

Also, we are still a three car seat family.  Try as he might, Brantley is just not ready for a booster.  Three car seats?  Difficult to fit in the back of an SUV unless you buy the "skinny kind".  Even the fattest of carseats will fit in my van!

You may have heard about the famed cup holders in a mini van.  The stories are true.  They are abundant beyond belief.  In fact, there are six within arm's reach of just my driver's seat!  I can have my coffee, my water, my Shakeology (who am I kidding, I don't drink that stuff anymore), and my wine (wait...) and there are still cup holders to spare!

Let's not even talk about the glove boxes and console.  Storage for daysssssss.

Let's do talk the DVD player though.  We have a specific no-movie rule unless we are traveling outside of the KC area.  But let me tell you, when we do allow movies, there's only so much I can handle.  Enter: headphones.  Did you know that, with headphones, kids can listen to a movie while we--the adults--jam out to all the gansta rap we want?!  (Kidding obviously.  But I do enjoy my country music while my kids watch Frosty the Snowman for the 197th time.)

And lastly, but certainly not least, the trunk space.  Is trunk the right word given a minivan?  Who knows.  Anyway, I can fit a full-size stroller in the trunk and $150 worth of groceries and still have room.  I don't know too many SUVs that can claim the same.

Long story short.  I love our van.  Craig loves our van.  The kids love our van.  We took it on its first road trip to Florida in July and it served us well.  15 hours there-and-back-well and now it holds those vacation memories that I will cherish for a long, long time.

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One final van story.  Most days, I feel like I'm still 25 years old.  Until I get into my van and the reality of being a mom x3 slaps me in the face.  However, apparently I don't look like a stereotypical "van person".  On the first day of class this year, I played two truths and a lie with my students.  One of my statements was that I drive a minivan.  Every single class assumed that was my lie.  Moral of the story: it's possible to be young and hip and drive a minivan! 

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  1. Haha love that your students thought it was your lie! We don't own one... yet... but will be buying one this spring!