Recent Fall Weekends

A few weeks ago (okay more like a month ago) Craig ran the KC Half Marathon.  It was his second marathon this year and also my second "attempt" to watch.  I say attempt, because yet again, I missed him cross the finish line.  Not only that, but I went to catch him on the Plaza and, of course, missed that, too.  I wasn't in the best mood because I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going, and genius me thought it was a good idea to take our dog.  Schnauzers do not like random people.  So all morning I had to fight Kinnick to shut up!  I'm sure people on the plaza were getting so annoyed.  I was like the mom in the grocery store with the baby that would not stop screaming.  Only it was a 15 pound dog and his annoying bark.  Anyway, since I missed the opportunity to snap a photo of Craig, I took one of these bananas.  Because that's normal.  Bananas running a marathon.

He did really well and beat his time from last spring.  He's signed up for Rock the Parkway again next April.  Maybe third time's a charm and I'll actually witness him running?  Here's a pic of him after finishing.

Later that day, we went to the Lenexa Chili Cookoff.  What a beautiful day for it!  And a super cheap way to grab lunch.  You pay $2 and can sample all the chili you want.  Not only chili, but salsa and wings, too!  And, of course, there is beer for purchase and a band for entertainment.  It was our first trip, but definitely something we'll try and do every year!

A couple weekends ago, I had two (yes, two!) baby showers to attend in one weekend!  The first was a friend from high school who also lives down here.  It was fun seeing her and her family.  The second was a co-worker (well, sort of) and the ex cheer coach.  Between all the cheer and dance events, we got to know each other pretty well.  I didn't get a pic at her baby shower, but here's a pic of me and mom-to-be Lindsay from Fairfield!

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