6 Weeks: Feeling Good Still!

How Far Along: 6 weeks

Size of Baby: A sweet pea

What's Happening:
Baby Sides is starting to sprout eyes, ears, cheeks, a nose, and a chin.  It's hands and feel (though web-like paddles) might wiggle by week's end!  Baby also has a heartbeat and is circulating blood.  It will double in size again over the next week!


None of those yet, either.

Of course, it'll still be awhile before we find out.  I think it's a girl, Craig thinks boy.  I guess both are just wishful thinking! 

What I Miss:
My morning coffee.  Despite the studies that say caffeine is okay, other studies suggest it may lead to a higher rate of miscarriage....so I'm trying to give it up.  I tried decaf but it doesn't take very good and half-calf still makes me nervous.  However, I learned that Starbucks makes all their fun drinks with decaf espresso and I'm happy to report that they taste pretty good.  Glad I don't have to give up my Friday treat!  I also miss a bottle of nice, cold beer!  And Craig likes to taunt me with this, too!

Best Moment This Week:
Getting our first appointment moved up 10 days, so now it's only a week away!  I can't wait!

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