A Trip Down Memory Lane

Last weekend, when we were in Iowa, my mom made me go through some boxes in our basement.  Here is some of what I found...

My old lockbox!  Made personally by my dad when I was in first grade!  (I know that because I also came across a 1st grade journal and that's what I wrote about...haha!)  Not only is it my old lockbox, but it's FULL of notes from friends in middle school and love letters from my first high school boyfriend. :)  And I still remember the combination: 34-36-22.

Photo collage from high school graduation party!

My very first piggy bank!  This is from my grandparents, perhaps the year I was born?  I thought I could paint it, fix it up, and put it in my future baby's bedroom.

Old pottery from art class in elementary and middle school!  I still remember making the dumb dog!

Stories written (and illustrated) by yours truly!  These are just 9 of MANY!  I used to love to write....what happened? 

Old artwork.  I wasn't a horrible artist back in the day!  This was middle school, I believe.

This is good!  Perspective drawing of my middle school.  Funny thing is, my sis took us there to check out her classroom and this hallway looks the exact same!

Monkey pic.  Is that his tail or what????

 This may have been elementary school...I'm not exactly sure though.

I threw away one box, but just couldn't part with it all!  So, now it resides in a box in our basement in Olathe, rather than my parent's basement in Fairfield!  It'll probably be 20 more years before I go through it again. :)

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