Have you heard of it?  It's my newest addiction.  No worries, I'm still addicted to Words with Friends, but I could spend hours browsing Pinterest! 

What is it, you ask?  An inspiration website for pretty much anything you want...decor, trends, food, DIY projects, etc.  You create "boards" (categories) and are able to save any picture you find on the Internet to that board.  The picture will automatically link to the original website.  In addition, you can browse other people's "pins" (the part I could spend hours doing) and "repin" ideas they have previously pinned.  It's also a great way to stay organized!  And we all know I love to be organized. :)  Seriously, it's awesome.  It would have been AMAZING while I was planning my wedding.

Examples of my boards: Photography (future family/kiddo poses), Baby Shower Ideas, Sweets & Treats, Books I'd Like to Read, Fashion, Future Ideas (great ideas for kids someday), Home is Where the Heart Is (decor ideas), and Scrapbook Inspiration.

I'd seriously recommend it!  Happy pinning!


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  2. I was going to tell you... I have the Emily Giffin books if you wanna borrow them sometime! And yes, Pinterest is pretty much amazing!!!