Stitch Fix #16 (and My Two N-Sale Purchases)

In an effort to make going back to work each August a little easier, I schedule myself a Stitch Fix and ask for work-appropriate clothing.  I'll be honest, I peeked online at the contents of my fix before it actually arrived and I was highly underwhelmed.  When my box arrived, I noticed my requested stylist (Raquel) was not the one to style this fix (she was on vacation) and I was even more disappointed.  But then I started trying on the pieces and much to my surprise, I loved it all!

Item #1
41 Hawthorn Keziah Shirt Dress
Medium / / $48

I really wanted to like this dress!  I love wearing dresses to work because quite honestly, they are more comfortable than pants.  But this dress was just a smidge too big on me.  I considered exchanging it for a size small, but I was afraid it would be too small.  It's hard writing on a whiteboard when your dress pulls.  So back it went.

Verdict: Returned

Item #2
Renee C Maybell Lace Detail Skirt
Medium / / $54

Next up, this skirt.  Immediately, I loved the pattern and the uniqueness of it.  This isn't necessarily something I would find at Target, which is always my Stitch Fix goal.  Once I put it on, I was sold.  The waistband has no buttons or zippers; it's just stretchy and pulls on and off so easily.  The A-line fit makes it super flattering.  Adding this to my "First week of school lineup"!

Verdict: Kept!

Item #3
Papermoon Tarah Crochet Back Top
Small / / $44

I liked this top a lot.  This color, the pattern, the lace detail on the back are all things that are very me.  However, it was just nothing special.  And I have plenty of sleeveless tops in my wardrobe, so I easily sent it back.

Verdict: Returned

Item #4
Brixon Ivy Sylvester Split Neck Blouse
Small / / $54

Once again, I have nothing against this top.  The color is pretty, the flowiness is on point, and the size was near perfect. However, it just didn't do anything extra special for me and besides, I have a few similar style tops in my closet already. 

Verdict: Returned

Item #5
Liverpool Harper Bootcut Pant
Size 6 / / $88

Initially, I was least excited about this pair of work pants.  But like all pairs of pants Stitch Fix has ever sent me, these fit like a dream!  I was tempted to keep them.  But a) I don't tend to wear work pants very often (leggings and skinny pants, yes, but true work pants, not so much) and b) they required either heals (which I also don't wear like I used to!) or hemming.  Just not worth the $88 in my opinion!  So although I like them a lot, I couldn't justify keeping them.

Verdict: Returned

So overall, I really liked my fix!  It could have easily been a five for five, even though I only kept one thing!


And as an added bonus, my two purchases from Nordstrom's Anniversary sale.  I'm not a regular Nordstrom shopper and I won't pretend to be just because its the cool thing to do.  Give me Target and Old Navy and I'm a happy camper!!  However, I enjoy seeing what the fashion bloggers recommend and had fun window shopping through the online pages of sale items.  I came away with two things, but I have yet to decide whether I'm keeping either.  Perhaps you can help me decide!

First, this bell sleeve fleece pullover.  It's not quite as flowy as it appeared in the pictures and although I like the sleeves, I feel like they might annoy me.

Next, this off shoulder top.  I wasn't crazy in love with it until I saw these pictures.  In person, I feel a  little frumpy in it; however, I don't think these pictures portray that at all.  I bought this as a potential piece for family photos this fall, but I just can't decide if I love it.  Thoughts??

That's all for this episode of "Sarah pretends to be a fashion blogger".  Until next time! 😉


  1. I love the dress you didn't keep but totally see why it needed to go back.

  2. I really like that off-the-shoulder shirt you got from Nordy's but I agree that it's a little on the dowdy side. I wonder if you could belt it? It would be really cute and unique in photos!

  3. What a cute fix. Totally work appropriate clothes! I like what you kept!

  4. That skirt is beautiful and so flattering on you! Love it. Those pants look great on you, but I don’t blame you for sending them back. Flats forever! haha. I love the 2nd top you got from the sale. It looks adorable!

  5. That skirt is super cute on you! So, I just dont get the cold shoulder trend, and that makes me sound so old, but with that said- you TOTALLY rock that look!!

  6. Bummer Raquel was on vacation. But the full-in did a really good job. I was hoping you kept the skirt, good call!! The dress was super cute, but totally get why it went back.
    The N-Sale picks are cute. But I think I'm with you on the bell sleeves. I think they'd get in the way. Diaper changes. Chasing kids. Stirring Mac and cheese. I could just see those getting annoying.

  7. That skirt is a winner! My fave bit is the pull on and off bit. Can't beat that.