Holden's 3rd Birthday Wishlist

In just 11 short days, my middle child will be three whole years old!  As cliche as it sounds, that just doesn't seem possible!  I always struggle to come up with gift ideas for Holden.  One, because he likes whatever his brother likes.  He wants whatever his brother wants.  And two, we already have all. the. things.  Nonetheless, I rounded up a few ideas/plans for his third birthday!

Kids ATV Ride On 4-Wheeler - Yes, we got the boys a Powerwheel truck as a joint Christmas gift a couple of years ago.  But Brantley usually highjacks it and Holden enjoys driving the neighbors' smaller Powerwheels anyway.  This one is a little smaller than our truck, but is recommended up to age 6 so I feel like we can still get plenty of use out of it.  And the price is much better than the price of some of the bigger Powerwheels!  (There's an even better price on the 6V version here.)

Dueling Stomp Rocket - We had a stomp rocket and both boys loved it.  However, some parts are broken, other parts are lost.  This dueling version looks to be a good replacement as it may eliminate the need for the boys to fight over who gets to play with it!

Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks & Boards - I actually bought this during a Melissa & Doug sale at Christmastime and have been saving it for his birthday.  These things remind me of tangrams and math teachers love tangrams!  And you can never go wrong with M&D!

Youth KU Baseball Cap - We've got every other team covered, but Holden is lacking a Jayhawk baseball cap.

Wooden Toy Ukulele - A couple of our neighbors have toys similar to this and Holden loves them!  In fact, he has a blow up guitar he always "plays" but there's a hole in it so it deflates quicker than we can air it up!  I know he would love one of these!

Toy Drum Set - A few weeks ago, Craig asked Holden what he wanted for his birthday.  Holden didn't know so Craig suggested some drums.  And now whenever his birthday comes up, he insists on wanting some drums.  Go figure.  (Craig, next time how about you suggest something a lot quieter, mmmmmkay?)

Assorted Anti-Slip Socks - I'm a plain Jane.  I always pick out white socks for the boys, but Holden adores anything but white socks.  This looks like a fun set for toddler boys!

Football Guys - And finally, these Iowa Hawkeye football guys.  As much as I'd love something without a million pieces, I know Holden would love playing with these!

Any other suggestions for a 3-year old?  Send them my way, if so!


  1. Cute choices! We have those pattern blocks and they get used all the time by Lily and Liam. What about one of those giant inflatable balls they can crawl through. My kids love it and it isn't too expensive!

  2. That's a great price on that 4 wheeler! I think I need to get my kids one this summer, our yard is huge and I know they would love it! We love stomp rockets so much too, I actually just ordered the dueling set because our original one has been destroyed. My nephew has a mini drum set which is awesome and Ella loved it so much I told Rick we should get one and he was like ummm no!! LOL

  3. haha I saw the drums first and was like...whhaaa?? Too funny, way to go dad. It looks like fun anyway =)